The qualities and defects of the sign of Libra

The characteristics of the sign of Libra

The flaws and virtues of human beings are what make them special. Each person has positive and negative aspects, which in some way benefit others. In astrology, the signs of the zodiac also have positive and negative points which are worth knowing. In this article, we are going to share the qualities and defects of Libra.

Libra natives are born between September 23 and October 22. They are ruled by the planet Venus and their symbol is the scales. They belong to the air element, along with Gemini and Aquarius.

Libra is a balance whose character is composed of kindness and gentleness, logic and honesty. But she is also stubborn and indecisive.

Libra can go from prolonged states of incessant activity to collapsing into exhaustion and idleness by doing absolutely nothing. These are people who know that to maintain their delicate harmony, they must alternate dynamic thrusts with periods of rest. The same goes for their emotions; they immerse themselves in all their moods, both positive and negative, and contemplate joys and sorrows with a philosophy that almost always ends up calming things down.

Libras need peace and harmony to stay healthy. But they must control themselves so as not to fall into excess.

What are the qualities of Libra?

Libra is a balanced sign par excellence. They are diplomatic when they ask for things, they know how to express themselves delicately without hurting feelings. With good manners and a sense of humor, they are quite pleasant people. They like to help others, but without getting too involved. In love, they are romantic, but also adventurous. They are generally loyal and fair, and will fight for the rights of the oppressed. A true Libra will always listen to the different points of view of others, with patience and respect.

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Likewise, they are intellectually brilliant. Quite cultured, they shine in politics and human rights. They are peaceful and avoid violence at all costs. They like to be associated either in business or in studies, it gives them security. Partnership is one of the qualities and one of the faults of Libra, because it is always good to be able to receive help from others, but sometimes insecurity attacks them and they feel like they do not can do nothing alone.

What are Libra’s flaws?

Libras are superficial, they can be so impressed by someone’s outer beauty that they easily forget their inner self. Sometimes they pretend to be nice just because they don’t want to upset anyone and need to fit in socially. They are changeable, which can cause them to quickly break their promises. They are lazy, like all air signs. Their biggest flaw is indecision. The most difficult thing for the natives of Libra is to make a decision and position themselves.

Libra tends to feel sorry for themselves, they like to play the victim when they made a mistake so as not to be blamed. If they are wronged, they tend to resent people. They may not even speak to them for a long time.

What do Libras like or dislike?

In addition to the qualities and faults of Libra, it is essential to know a little about what she likes and what she does not like. Libra loves harmony and avoids fights and confrontations at all costs. In addition, they are affectionate and appreciate gentleness. They like to share with others and outdoor activities. As for what she hates or dislikes, it’s safe to say that Libras hate any expression of violence, whether it’s shouting or physical harm. They also dislike injustice and conformist people.

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