Which parent is Capricorn?

The Capricorn parent

Discipline and order are an integral part of the life of Capricorns. Capricorn parents tend to adopt old and proven methods of raising their children. They don’t want to get carried away by modern innovations that abound in children’s freedom and disobedience. In their family, a law of respect and obedience to parents is established.

In practice, these methods are justified. Although the family is often gathered, the children still lack the warmth and cordiality of their parents due to strict discipline. With age, Capricorns become more tolerant.

The relationship of the Capricorn parent with his child

As a Capricorn parent, your goal is to work hard for your family and shoulder your responsibilities. In fact, you might be working a little too hard! Your intentions are good, but work can be too important to you. Spending quality time with your children and developing a warm, nurturing connection with them should also be high on your priority list.

You may be more comfortable with the demands of your career than with the emotional concerns of your children. However, Capricorns by nature seek to constantly improve themselves, so if there is something missing in your relationship with your children, you can identify the problem and work to correct it.

You teach your kids the value of money and reliability, and you educate them about the importance of keeping promises. In fact, you are a true authority figure in their life. They respect you, and sometimes you might even bully them without knowing or wanting to.

Part of your job as a parent is learning to relax a bit and become more affectionate and spontaneous. So you can create a balance between work and play, and your children will love and appreciate you even more for the effort. You will show them a positive example of maturity, planning and constant effort to achieve goals. Don’t be too hard on them if they aren’t as driven as you are.

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The Capricorn mother

Mother Capricorn keeps her eyes on the children, constantly checking what they are doing. She is constantly raising the bar for them. Her ambition does not allow to stop along the way, believing that it is necessary to « surpass » everyone, so much so that sometimes the children are not able to meet the maternal demands.

Capricorn takes her mothering duties very seriously. She is very focused on the process of caring for her child. Her strong self-control can sometimes limit the feelings and emotions of the mother. She sometimes has trouble showing enough tenderness and affection to her children.

The love of the Capricorn mom is expressed in respect, good manners and obedience. Hugs, praises, and kisses are often seen as superfluous signs to show love. Logic and common sense never fail him.

As the child grows up, mother Capricorn’s realism and sound judgment help her develop her intelligence and abilities. But the coldness of the relationship sometimes prevents the establishment of close relations between mother and child.

Father Capricorn

Father Capricorn is also strict and demanding. He does not take into account the age of his offspring, evaluating his actions according to adult measures. He considers discipline to be the main priority in life. The father must understand the need for rest and entertainment of his children.

In the role of the father, Capricorns serve their child as an example of principle, defending the system of human values, diligence, forethought, practicality, in the name of achieving set goals. They value family traditions and teach them to their children.

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When the child is small, and the father is still young, the Capricorn father is able to show tender feelings for his child. But the older the Capricorn father gets, the more restraint he shows in his feelings. He must reach to deal with its rigor and rigidity.

Capricorn parent, Aries child

Capricorn parents love the intelligence and wit of their Aries offspring, but sometimes they want them to calm down and follow the rules a bit more. Aries children learn discipline from their Capricorn parents.

Capricorn parent, Taurus child

Both earth signs, they make an ideal duo. Both of these signs understand their need to be grounded, and appreciate that a life well lived doesn’t have to be crazy or unscheduled. Little Taurus needs a lot of hugs and physical comfort, which can be a learning curve for the taciturn Capricorn.

Capricorn parent, Gemini child

Both intelligent and imaginative, these two signs can bond through their love of life. The Capricorn may want to control the Gemini, who may be frustrated with the routine their Capricorn parent is building up.

Capricorn parent, Cancer child

These signs look very different, but the beauty of this association is that the two signs attract each other. Children with Cancer can help Capricorn parents be more in touch with their emotions; Capricorn can help Cancer learn to harness their potential and focus on a goal.

Capricorn parent, Leo child

These signs clash often, but there is a lot of love and respect on both sides. Once the Capricorn parent realizes that they cannot tame the Leo, the Leo will learn a lot from their Capricorn parent.

Capricorn parent, Virgo child

These two earth signs have a lot in common, but they can struggle to connect with each other. Both taciturn and at times shy in expressing their emotions, these signs can be strangely formal towards each other. Learning some kind of common language – talking about books, music, or movies, for example – can help build a stronger bond.

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Capricorn parent, Libra child

Curious and intelligent, Capricorn parents see a lot of raw potential in their Libra kids, but they would like them to stop fluttering and really settle down and learn some skills. Libra kids like the rules to be firmly set by their Capricorn parents, but sometimes they go against it.

Capricorn parent, Scorpio child

This duo can be intense, but can also be quite powerful for parent and child. Capricorn parents may feel like their Scorpio kids are deliberately trying to torture them by breaking all the rules, but the more Capricorns relax and see their Scorpio kids as unique individuals the better. In the meantime, Scorpio can help Capricorn think outside the box.

Capricorn parent, Sagittarius child

This can be a tricky dynamic, as Capricorn parents may feel their Sagittarius kids are a bit too fickle and want them to calm down a bit. But Sagittarius is such a happy, upbeat sign that Capricorn can’t resist Sagittarius’ smile, and Capricorn is also learning that it’s possible to ignore the to-do list and go with the flow.

Capricorn parent, Capricorn child

Capricorn parents have high expectations for their Capricorn children, and vice versa. These signs can frequently disappoint each other, and silence is a regular punishment both inflict. But all is not so gloomy. These signs work well when working together on a project and form an unstoppable team as soon as they have a common goal they can work on.

Capricorn parent, Aquarius child

Capricorns are in awe of their little Aquarians, but they may need a few extra tools to connect with them. Aquarians, like their Capricorn parents, are not always very open to affection, so having a common project or interest can make this parent-child duo closer together.

Capricorn parent, Pisces child

Capricorns are mystified by their Pisces children, but also inspired to go deeper into their psyche than they otherwise would have done. Pisces children are intuitive and emotionally intelligent, and can get their Capricorn parents to talk about their feelings like few others can, which helps to « soften » the Capricorn parent.

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