Which parent is Libra?

The Libra parent

As a Libra parent, you try to create a peaceful and harmonious family life for your children. Raising your family in beautiful, even luxurious surroundings is important to you, and you do what you can to avoid conflict in your home.

You have fundamental values ​​and beliefs. It helps you tap your foot when needed and bring the right influences into your children’s lives. You like to instill a sense of taste and style in your children, because focusing on the appearance of things is a natural part of who you are.

You like to host in your home, which is why you make sure to teach your children to treat others with consideration and respect. They can count on you to settle disputes in the event of sibling rivalry. Since you are uncomfortable with tension, this will not be a role you enjoy, but you are a born negotiator so you are good at calming things down. This is a natural opportunity to teach your children about compromise and cooperation, two of your strengths.

Since you tend to be indecisive, you should make sure to be consistent with your children whenever necessary.

The Libra parent’s relationship with their child

Libra can be considered one of the best parents among all the other signs. They do not differ in tyranny or concessions to children, but with friendliness and understanding without visible effort. Such people are always guided by the principles of honesty and justice.

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Libra parents can easily reconcile children, teach them mutual respect and the ability to unconditionally obey adults. As for the education of their children, they try to choose the best and are proud of the success of their offspring. The ability of parents to understand the nature of children’s actions, to recognize their desires and to discover creative opportunities is truly unique. Mom and dad are able to give a correct assessment of what is going on, equalize whatever is missing, choose a good perspective.

Libras always treat their children with respect. They do not like quarrels, prefer to persuade to prove and demand an adequate response. Their authority in the family is indisputable, and is not a position of strength, but a position of trust. Children know that in all circumstances, they can count on parental help, advice, instruction.

The Libra Mother

Mother Libra considers her child to be a work of art, a beautiful creation of nature. Therefore, in the relationship with the child, the Libra mother shows tenderness and love for her child. His feelings are « well balanced », but they are not held back by reason.

However, it is very difficult to determine the extent of these feelings. For this it is necessary to take into account the characteristics and temperament of the child. Therefore, the mother of the sign of Libra should relentlessly monitor the feelings of her child, and in the process of education to bring aesthetics.

Father Libra

As a father, Libra serves his child as an example of skillful cooperation, harmonious relationships, respect for people, defenses of his point of view, the ability to find his place in society and integrate harmoniously.

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Father Libra always seeks to create harmony in the house. Therefore, he gives his children everything in due measure, be it tenderness, affection, love and education. Papa Libra replaces classical education with friendly and confidential relations with his children. Thus, they can always count on the participation, help and advice of their father. Libra men have an amazing ability to be tactful, to convince, and as a result, have high parental authority.

Libra parent, Aries child

Energetic and ready for anything, Libra are awed by the fire sign of Aries, while Aries can learn from their Libra parent to be temperate and hold multiple opinions.

Libra parent, Taurus child

Libra parents love to cuddle their Taurus child, who loves to be pampered. Libra parents can get frustrated when their Taurus child is upfront with their feelings, but they can also teach little Taurus how to say and get what they want.

Libra parent, Gemini child

Charming and social, these two air signs bond over socialization. Gemini kids tend to sway wildly one way or the other, and Libra parents can just teach them balance.

Libra parent, Cancer child

A Libra parent can adjust to Cancer’s sensitivity without getting swept up in it, and can help little Cancer learn to navigate and express their conflicting emotions. Cancer finds strength, stability, and an ever-warm embrace from their Libra parent.

Libra parent, Leo child

Libra parents love the outspoken energy of their Leo and understand their innate desire to be in the spotlight. These two signs are related to the arts and can clash when they both want the attention of the rest of the family.

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Libra parent, Virgo child

Libra parents see their Virgo children as wise beyond their years. The mission of Libra parents is to help their Virgo child express themselves and stand out from the crowd. Virgos can be shy as children, and Libra can figure that out while helping them come out of their shell.

Libra parent, Libra child

Parents and Libra children understand each other, but beware of indecision! Parent and child want to make each other happy, but this doesn’t always work. However, they can work together to learn how to express their needs.

Libra parent, Scorpio child

Libra parents just want everyone to get along, and a loud, passionate, and opinionated Scorpio child can frustrate Libra. These two signs tend to clash.

Libra parent, Sagittarius child

These adventurous signs and explorers of the world work very well together. Libras tend to be more in tune with themselves on an emotional level, so for Sagittarius, it’s an open invitation to chat.

Libra parent, Capricorn child

Libra parents can try to mold their little Capricorn. This is why it is essential for Libra to learn to take a step back and realize that Capricorn is content to play on the sidelines. Once they accept the cautious nature of their Capricorn child, the bond is strong.

Libra parent, Aquarius child

Intense and imaginative, Libra parents and Aquarius kids love to pretend play and set up dates to play. Libra can help Aquarius tune in and discuss their emotions, which is essential for maintaining a strong bond as the independent Aquarius grows.

Libra parent, Pisces child

Both intuitive and empathetic, Libra parents and Pisces children have an almost psychic connection. Sometimes both signs can be a bit too focused on their expectations. This is why it is important that each learns how the other communicates.

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