Twin flames: the meeting

Twin Flames: Incarnation

The twin flame is not the one we connect with on a soul level, but it is the one we share the same soul with. When incarnating in human form, only half of the soul chooses to reside in the physical body, the other half can consciously decide to remain in the spiritual realms or incarnate at the same time but in another body. The twin flame is essentially the other half of the soul.

Two twin flames are therefore born as “Siamese” souls separated for evolutionary reasons. They split up to learn a few lessons, work on the shadows, and take several tests. They were created simultaneously and when they meet in incarnation, they find each other. Their soul’s intent is to resynchronize only after a mutual release.

When they meet, twin flames have a very strong spiritual attraction, not always sexual. By being together, they feel completeness, contentment and are aware of having found each other.

It is a gift and quite an experience to physically meet a twin flame, but at the same time it is also something intense. With a twin flame, you know you are meeting that part of you that you love and fear and that only you know. That dark, hidden part that you avoid showing to others. That shiny part you want others to know so much about you. And when you find it in front of you, you are not in love with it, but your soul joins in love with its twin flame and cannot do without it.

It’s not a love story between soul mates or companions, it’s something much more intense. You love and hate your twin flame. You feel what she feels, think what she thinks, and know exactly when she’s thinking of you, what she’s thinking, and how she’s thinking of you.

Skills, projects, dreams are shared, but unfortunately, depending on what you have accepted and integrated, you can build or destroy if you agree to cooperate with your twin flame. We are not talking about material or philosophical projects. We are talking about soul projects.

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To be able to accept that a twin soul has physically entered our life, we must accept this identical part by looking at it with love. With a twin flame, you share the same energy field, specifically the electromagnetic field of the heart. For this reason, it is not possible to co-create a healthy relationship with a twin flame if we have not accepted to recognize this part of us that we hide.

Twin flames: the meeting of two souls

When twin flames first meet in this life, it is usually through an unpredictable and inexplicable set of divinely timed circumstances. The twins may be caught off guard as the universe crosses their path for the very first time.

That first meeting of twin flames was years, if not lifetimes, in the making. Souls have chosen this path. This is a very special meeting that is no coincidence or accident. This meeting was planned, coordinated and carried out with a very precise timing. When it’s time for two twin flames to meet, the universe will make it happen.

Whatever plans are made, the universe and fate work together to guide the two twins straight to each other. The universe aligns everything with the right divine timing. Obstacles, locations, even the people around you will unknowingly play a role in bringing you to your twin flame. Friends, family and even partners are mysteriously needed or guided elsewhere.

Both twin flames can feel the strength of the connection, it’s usually a feeling neither has felt before. This feeling is absolutely miraculous. When you look into your twin flame’s eyes, it feels like your souls already know each other. It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror for the very first time in your life. Your mind, soul and body are shaken in various forms. Your world is upside down, but in a very beautiful way and for a greater purpose. You can almost feel your energies collide. Your souls are one. Here are the signs of meeting the twin flame. At the same time, you are so similar and so different… You are two opposites that complement each other. Your strengths are the weaknesses of your twin flame. Your weaknesses are his strengths. Just like Yin and Yang, you are both opposites that balance each other, but at the same time share the same core values.

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Finding your twin soul is the most beautiful thing that can happen on your spiritual journey. This journey of your soul guides you towards finding your twin flame for a reason – to evolve your soul into its highest spiritual form.

Twin flames: a moving encounter

Love unconditionally: this requires that the two flames know how to live individually, without having to blend into the projects they established before incarnating. Two twin flames are not meant to rise as two soul mates. They must love each other without needing the other flame, totally nullifying the illusion that the flame loves you like no one has ever loved you.

Twin flames have the same soul project, but in incarnation they also have different abilities. For this reason, when they meet physically, they can compete. They know that the ways of carrying out their soul project are the same, but they don’t understand why the other flame does different things. You have to know how to observe and understand how the flame works differently, even if it fulfills the same project. Two twin flames therefore have the same soul project but are driven by different goals. For this reason, at the material level of incarnation, they bring into play different attitudes that one flame may not share with the other.

You realize that you are in front of your twin flame if you are in a deep awakening and you desire it as much as you want to separate from it. It is a sign that the relationship with the twin flame is the path to enlightenment. What your twin flame develops in you, no one else can.

If the union of twin flames during their earthly existence is part of their life journey, then each of the soul mates is destined to meet in person. It’s their choice, and if either twin flame decides not to meet for any reason, the reunion may not happen in their lifetime. However, the force of attraction between twin flames is often so strong that even if there is resistance on one side, circumstances will eventually lead to them meeting.

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At this meeting, the connection is so powerful that any previous doubt, conscious or unconscious, dissolves from the relationship. Everyone feels that there is something more to this meeting of twin flames, this sacred bond between them that cannot be ignored. The attraction is dazzling.

Once twin flames meet, the relationship usually develops very quickly. Not necessarily in a couple or romantic sense, but a friendship develops that has a lasting and meaningful bond. There are times, however, when the twin flames meet briefly, due to circumstances, as the timing may not be right. This can happen when twin flames meet when they are too young and have a lot to experience and learn before they reconnect and can feel that connection.

How to meet your twin flame?

All you have to do is open your mind and heart to the messages the universe is sending you. You can achieve this by becoming more mindful, compassionate, and human. If you are truly aiming to find and experience your true twin flame, you need to become more aware of the world around you. What you need to understand is that meeting your twin flame is not something we all get to experience. It is a very rare occurrence, and it can only happen to you if your soul is mature enough to accept it.

Become a better person. Indeed, it is not always as simple as it seems, but it is crucial if you really want to meet your twin flame. You must constantly strive to improve and elevate yourself. The first step is to clear your mind of negative feelings such as hatred, jealousy, greed and ignorance.

To hear the divine messages that the universe sends to you, you must detach yourself from all materialistic and insignificant purposes. Only then will you evolve into a higher version of yourself and be ready to accept your twin flame into your life to experience this relationship.

Do you think you have met your twin flame?

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