Zodiac signs: who are the most romantic?

Each zodiac sign is capable of loving without exception and being a caring and compassionate partner. However, each sign is unique when it comes to love and relationships. He expresses all of his feelings in a unique way. All signs have a different way of loving and a different perception of romance. For some zodiac signs, it’s natural to be very romantic and expressive with their feelings while others struggle to find their romantic side.

We have therefore classified the signs of the zodiac from the least romantic to the most romantic!

12. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is perhaps the least romantic sign of all because they are eternal children. They prefer to look outside whenever they can, which is hardly romantic. They find that romance can be fleeting, but can be mistaken for the Don Juan of the zodiac. Maybe it’s all about self-protection, or maybe they see romance as a slippery slope towards the dreaded word: engagement!

11. Aquarius

Romance is like an itchy, itchy sweater for Aquarius. The itching stops once the relationship reaches a comfortable stage and all notions of romance have been shattered. Everything romantic doesn’t move them at all.

10. Aries

Aries is a more passionate than romantic zodiac sign once they get to know their partner. Granted, they can be extremely romantic at the start of a relationship, but once he’s sure he’s capsized his partner’s heart, it’s the point of no return and he cancels his Romance Club membership. . almost instantly !

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9. Virgo

Virgo loves romance, but it usually stays quite lukewarm on the romanticism scale due to their natural cynicism and loathing for the commercialization of it all. Virgo is quite capable of affording you a hammer drill and is not inclined to displays of affection in public.

8. Cancer

Cancers have a romantic streak, but they can turn it on and off as steadily as the tides. What they are looking for is security rather than a dozen roses every day. This sign’s concession to romance is watching the same old romantic movie a million times.

7. Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign that is related with sex and romance. So their idea of ​​romance is more akin to gifting underwear or sex toys.There is also a romantic intensity in this sign that measures romance by the amount of time two people can spend together.

6. Capricorn

The shy Capricorn is surprisingly romantic once they let their guard down and relax a bit, which stems from complete confidence. It is a sign that never forgets birthdays when he is truly in love.

5. Gemini

Once they finally find the right fit (and this can take a long time) Gemini are loyal, romantic, and happy to be two against the rest of the world. They tend to put their partner on a pedestal.

4. Taurus

Anyone who has ever been loved by a Taurus has likely felt their love almost tangibly and been showered with their romantic attention even in less romantic settings, and this continues to increase in intensity as the relationship ages. .

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3. Lion

Leos are known for their romantic gestures, propelling them to number 3 on our list of the most romantic zodiac signs. They don’t really see the point of an existence without romance.

2. Fish

Pisces have many romantic ideals which are not always achieved in reality, but that does not prevent them from continually striving to achieve them; That’s why this sign is number 2 on our list. These are the desperate romantics who write poetry and who look out the window or scribble little hearts. Romanticism is in their DNA.

1. Balance

Libra is the sign of love and romance and is our most romantic zodiac sign. Life is not sweet if each day does not contain an exchange of the type « I love you » or « no you hang up, no you hang up ». Libra can fall head over heels in love pretty quickly if the intoxication of romance is intoxicating enough.

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