Access your Crédit Mutuel accounts on the internet

In the Internet age, banking services are now partially or totally dematerialized. There are currently banks present only on the web and which therefore do not have any physical agency. Traditional banking establishments have also set up their digital versions like Crédit Mutuel. Like Crédit Agricole, this bank offers all its customers an online banking service that allows you to access and manage your account without going to an agency. How to access a Crédit Mutuel account online?

CMUT Direct: Crédit Mutuel’s online banking

Crédit Mutuel’s online bank bears the name CMUT Direct. It is a virtual banking service offered to all its customers. CMUT Direct banking services are accessible from several platforms. You can have access to information and account management tools from a voice service or from a Crédit Mutuel ATM. It is also possible to access and manage a Crédit Mutuel account on the Internet, via a computer or a smartphone. CMUT Direct therefore allows you to keep control of your bank account wherever you go. It is also a good way to keep your account in activity, inactivity can cause your account to be closed by your bank.

Access To Your Credit Mutuel Accounts On The Internet Avis

What banking services does CMUT offer?

By subscribing to CMUT, you could access a wide range of banking services including:

  • Remote monitoring and management of your Crédit Mutuel bank account and your VISA bank cards.
  • One-click transfers between your accounts or to other accounts. Transfers concern accounts registered in France, in the SEPA zone, but also in foreign countries, whether or not they are members of the European Union.
  • Direct contact with your advisor.
  • Online appointment booking.
  • A visualization of your insurance contracts without going to a branch.
  • A visualization of health reimbursements without going to a branch.
  • A real-time alert system that informs you of all movements recorded in your bank account. Notifications are sent by SMS or Mail.
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How to subscribe to CMUT services?

When opening your account, your advisor will suggest subscribing to CMUT’s online services. You can then directly accept to systematically hold a remote banking contract. You can also subscribe to the remote banking offer if you have a bank account or a Eurocompte with CMUT. Here is the procedure to follow to proceed with the subscription.

  • Go to the official Crédit Mutuel website
  • Click on the menu icon then on the sub-heading « Manage your accounts »
  • Click on the « CMUT Direct remote banking » menu at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the « subscribe » button
  • Choose your status « holder of a Eurocompte / holder of a remote banking contract without username / holder of a simple account ».
  • Choose the offer to which you wish to subscribe and fill out the form which asks you for personal information.
  • Follow the procedure indicated and validate your subscription

Access To Your Credit Mutuel Accounts On Internet Advice

A completely secure service

CMUT provides you with a fully secure virtual platform. You can therefore access your account and carry out various transactions in complete security. However, Crédit Mutuel does not vouch for any intrusions that are your fault. Your username and password are confidential. Make sure you never communicate them to avoid any risk of fraud on your bank account.

Fees to pay to access CMUT services

Subscription to Crédit Mutuel remote banking services is completely free. You would therefore have no fees to pay when registering and creating your personal space. It is the same for the use of the various services. Banking transactions and remote account management operations will therefore not be taxed. Of course, the usual bank charges will apply. If you have a securities account and you have subscribed to the “stock market order” option, a subscription of one euro per month will be required.

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