How do I deposit a check at ING?

Have a check and wondering if you can deposit it at ING Direct? Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you!

ING was called ING Direct few months ago. They decided to change the name to respond to different projects to develop online banking properly and towards new horizons.

It is an online bank that is very successful. It is one of the best online banks seen in the market. The great strength of this structure is certainly its customer service. It is both reactive, available and qualitative. Advisors have a good command of all aspects of their products, which builds trust. The waiting time is very short and the hourly range is quite wide!

Online banks have several advantages, it is undeniable. But they also have drawbacks. Among them, we will find the deposit of checks, but also the deposit of cash. The latter is not available from ING. Certainly, there is a solution, but it is longer and some people will call it cumbersome. On the other hand, the deposit of check is possible.

Deposit your check into your ING current account

This is a manipulation that will take longer than a check deposit in a traditional bank. Check deposit is very easy. In general, the vast majority of online banks will allow the deposit of checks. Some will take advantage of the network of their parent bank, which “lends” them physical bank branches. This is a big plus to save time and be sure that the check is deposited in the bank.

The steps for depositing the check into an ING bank account are very simple.

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Steps to take to deposit a check securely at ING

To deposit a check at ING, simply follow the instructions below. As ING is a dematerialized bank, it will be necessary to go to its Customer Area, in order to obtain a check remittance slip. This must be printed by you.

The second step is to use this check remittance slip and complete it. For more security, we take this opportunity to remind you that it is strongly recommended to perform two actions for this type of procedure. The first is to take a photo of the check remittance slip, as well as the site to have a trace. The second will be to enter their account number as well as a signature on the back of the check addressed to you. Why ? Quite simply, because it cannot be cashed in another bank account. This is an important security that should be taken into consideration for all checks that you deposit at the bank (online or traditional).

Once the check remittance slip has been completed, it will suffice to enclose it, with the check, in an envelope which must be sent to ING Bank NV, TSA 90 004, 93497 MONTREUIL CEDEX.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to wait a few days (generally between 2 and 4 working days, from the date of dispatch) for the funds to appear in your current account!

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