Blank map: what to do?

When paying for your purchases at the checkout, your card becomes silent. What if your payment method refuses to work? How to make sure that your credit card is really mute? Follow our advice to avoid this unpleasant surprise at a merchant. Also discover our tips for taking care of your bank card so that it works as long as possible.

How do I know if my card is really mute?

In cash, a card can be silent. However, this is not enough to declare it as such. Test it several times. Indeed, it may be other problems such as incorrect insertion of the credit card or failure of the merchant’s payment terminal.

Try your bank card at an ATM or another merchant. If after several attempts, your means of payment refuses to work, judge that your card has become unusable.

Outline map, reasons and solutions

Several reasons can explain the failure of your bank card.

A wear

If your card turns out to be very worn or dilapidated, it may no longer work in payment terminals. Indeed, the plastic of the credit card can be damaged by dint of being inserted into the devices. Always check the electronic chip as well as the magnetic stripe. These two elements are essential to the proper functioning of the card. Prolonged contact of the magnetic strip or chip with clothing may cause scratches or scratches.

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Sometimes just rubbing the chip or strip will make the bank card work again.

A change of credit card

As part of a change of credit card, the wording « mute card » may appear on the terminal screen. See with your banker to get your new card. The current one may have been closed.

An expired credit card

Your credit card may stop working during and especially after your expiration month. If you think your credit card has expired, check the letters from your bank. Your credit card issuer has probably already sent a replacement credit card. Otherwise, call your bank to find out if a new credit card will be delivered to you.

A blocked card

Due to an overdraft, your bank advisor was able to block your credit card. This may explain the blank card at checkout. Contact your bank to find a solution.

If your card is really damaged and no longer works, order a new one from your adviser. Expect additional costs of around 5 to 15 euros.

A degaussed card

The magnetic strip on some credit cards can stop working after the card is too close to a magnet or sometimes a cell phone. When the credit card has been degaussed, there may be a credit card read error. Scratches or creases on the magnetic strip can also prevent your credit card from working.

In case of fraud

Your credit card may stop working if your bank suspects fraud on your account. This can happen in cases of legitimate fraud, for example, someone using your credit card to make purchases. It can also happen when you make out-of-the-ordinary purchases that significantly exceed your usual expenses.

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How to protect your credit card?

To avoid an unfortunate adventure with a merchant, take the lead! Anticipate the wear and tear on your credit card to prevent it suddenly becoming mute.

Protect your card with a protective case. If you do not have one, make the request to the reception of your bank. Your means of payment will be safer than in your trouser or jacket pocket.

In addition, if you are not using protection, avoid contact between your card and other objects such as car keys. And put your card in a safe place after each use, for example in your wallet.

Finally, make sure your credit card is protected from moisture.

If your credit card continues to give you problems, you may need to request a replacement credit card. Many banks send a new credit card with the same account number free of charge, except in cases of fraud.

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