How to become a real estate agent?

The sale of a house should not be done hastily at the risk of underestimating the amount of the latter. Therefore, the intervention of expertise in the field is essential. A real estate agent will be responsible for obtaining sales and rental mandates real estate. It guarantees a realistic, even advantageous price range. His negotiation skills are put to the service of the owners of the premises. Through this article, discover the different missions of a real estate agent, and how to become a real estate agent in order to be able to practice this profession.

The different missions of a real estate agent

A real estate agent is an intermediary between a lessor and an individual looking for a rental or a seller of houses and a buyer. Therefore, the missions of a real estate agent consist of:

  • Identify properties real estates such as houses, apartments, studios, offices, businesses for rent or for sale;
  • Do mandate signatures of sale with the owner of the house;
  • Make the display of advertisements of real estate properties available;
  • Specify an agreement with the owner local for the cost of exchange and the selling price;
  • Show the real estate property to the buyer or tenant;
  • Get purchase offers by the purchasers of the property;
  • Provide candidates interested in real estate ownership with sufficient income;
  • Make the presentation of the tenants’ files to the owner of the real estate;
  • Notify customers interested in the offer of the owner’s decision;
  • Assist the owner and the buyer in the signing of a contract for a lease or sale of real estate property;
  • Give the keys to the property to the tenant or new owner.
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The training needed to become a real estate agent

In order to be able to exercise the profession of a real estate agent, it is necessary tohave an official card. Without this card, it is forbidden to practice this profession. As a result, there are different possibilities to obtain this famous professional card.

For graduates

There are different training courses allowing graduates of bac +2 to +5 to become real estate agents, it is possible to practice this profession of real estate agent with a diploma of bac +2 in commercial, IUT or BTS. There are, among other things, distance BTS PI training. BTS NRDC diplomas (Negotiation and Digitization of the Customer Relationship) or the BTS MCO or the BTS TC can also help to become a real estate agent. These online training studies train real estate agents in less than a year and issue diplomas. It is possible to continue your studies after obtaining a professional license in real estate.

Professional Master’s courses in Housing and Real Estate Law are good examples of further courses. In order to specialize in the specific field of real estate, there are Masters courses in Project Management and Real Estate Management. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to follow a training course at ESTI, you will only be advantaged in your objective to work as a real estate agent.

For those without degrees

It is possible for those who are not qualified to exercise the profession of real estate agent. However, for those without a baccalaureate and less than 3 years for bachelors, they must have professional experience of at least 10 years in a real estate agency. Therefore, the fact of having worked as a professional real estate agent makes it possible toobtain a professional real estate card. After spending more than a year in the real estate sector, it is possible to send an application for a license (VAE).

The profession of real estate agent offers several opportunities for people with or without diplomas.

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