Free bank account: does it exist?

As a bank customer, we seek the best possible services. And when they are free, we are delighted! Getting a bank account without paying fees, is it possible? Do I have to pay to take advantage of banking services? Discover all our tips for paying less for certain bank charges. You are also told everything about online banks and their free bank account.

How to open a checking account for free?

It is quite possible to open a bank account for free, by opting for the simple version, that is to say without associated banking services. However, to use your money, it is necessary to have means of payment such as bank card or checkbook.

Without these tools, it is difficult to take advantage of the funds available in your bank account.

However, there is a trick to pay less for opening a checking account with banking services. Just choose a account packagethis will generate a monthly contribution.

Take advantage of a savings account for free

The opening of a savings account is always free, even if it is a booklet A, a PEL or a sustainable development booklet. There is no charge for opening all of these savings.

You will be able to carry out transactions from your savings account. You will be able to take advantage of the sums available in the savings account by withdrawing them using a card independent of your checking account. Once a year, you will also be able to issue a bank check for free.

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Benefit from a free credit card, it’s possible ?

A bank card is never free, but included in all banking services. In fact, the bank charges you for overdraft authorization, means of payment insurance, credit card opposition services, and other options.

However, to pay less, you have the right to negotiate with your advisor. You can pull down the pricing of your account plan. This is not done often, but with a little perseverance…

How to negotiate the rate of bank charges?

You will never get a free bank account with associated services. However, you have all the cards in hand to limit bank charges. The only solution, the negotiation. Early on, discuss pricing with your bank advisor. By doing so, you will have a better chance of getting an attractive offer.

To succeed in your business, claim by providing rewards. Indeed, your adviser will agree to an effort if you make some on your side. For example, you can propose the transfer of a savings account in its establishment or the subscription to an insurance. The exchange must be win-win for it to be possible.

Finally, when opening your bank account, consider getting a welcome gift. Some banks reward their customers in this way. Enjoy!

Open a free bank account in an online bank

Major online banks such as Fortuneo or Hello Bank offer free bank accounts as well as free credit cards, but under certain conditions. Generally, virtual banks require minimum income conditions from 1000 euros net monthly. Since their bank accounts are free, these thresholds guarantee them a certain amount of spending and use of the bank card.

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No online bank offers a free account without compensation. Nevertheless, the Monabanq organization offers very low rates without income conditions. Indeed, Monabanq rates are much lower than those charged by traditional banks. Only bank bans will be prohibited from opening an account in this online establishment.

If you have the idea of ​​opening an account in an online bank, compare the prices but also the associated banking services. Is the offer complete in terms of current account, means of payment (cheque, credit card), stock market, savings, loans, etc.?

Finally, to avoid having to pay additional costs, you will have to avoid certain situations. Being overdrawn, using your card outside the euro zone or managing your accounts by telephone will raise the bill.

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