Societe Generale Jazz: the guide

The Société Générale Jazz package was replaced in 2018 by Sobrio. However, the many benefits remain the same. Find out how subscribing to this formula is interesting on a daily basis. Services, options, membership conditions. We tell you all about the Société Générale Jazz pack.

Presentation of Societe Generale

Société Générale is one of the most successful French banks on the world market. This universal banking structure includes retail banking, online banking, investment and corporate banking, as well as specialized financial services.

Then, as a retail bank, Société Générale has three networks covering all customer needs. It then appears as the most important network.

Finally, you should know that Société Générale has a multi-channel system. This means that it allows physical contact at the counter as well as remote solutions such as internet and telephone.

What does the Société Générale Jazz banking package include?

The Société Générale Jazz banking package includes a bank card and basic services.

The subscriber has the choice between four bank cards. The monthly subscription for the Societe Generale Jazz pack will vary depending on the credit card. And the age of the holder is also taken into account.

  • V Pay card: this is a card with systematic authorization. Therefore, it queries the account balance each time the holder uses it. It verifies that the amount of the transaction is available;
  • Classic Visa or MasterCard;
  • Visa Premier card or Gold MasterCard: these slightly higher-end cards offer guarantees to travelers as well as useful assistance in the event of a problem;
  • Visa Infinite.
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What are the advantages ?

Subscribers to Société Générale’s Jazz packaging can benefit from the Grande Avenue. It is a web platform bringing together more than 800 online business partners of the bank. Passing by the Grande Avenue, you benefit from reductions.

On the other hand, when you pay or withdraw money, you accumulate Watermark points which then allow you to obtain gifts.


The Société Générale Jazz package contains a number of services, beyond the basics. This explains the higher amount of the monthly packaging contribution.

Among the services there are:

  • Quietis insurance which concerns the loss and theft of means of payment, keys and papers. It also covers the theft and accidental breakage of mobile phones and digital tablets. Quietis insurance also has an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • one bank check per year offered;
  • the possibility of making up to six free withdrawals from another bank;
  • carrying out a revocation of SEPA mandates if the direct debit raises a dispute with the debtor;
  • receipt of a systematic account statement;
  • obtaining an overdraft authorization at least 15 days a month;
  • an overdraft facility from the age of 18;
  • an agios exemption package for cardholders aged between 18 and 24;
  • exemption from account maintenance fees;
  • the possibility of stopping a check for loss or theft;
  • and with regard to the credit card, you have the choice of the confidential code, and the replacement of your means of payment following its blocking for loss, theft or fraud;
  • finally, the Société Générale Jazz package opens the doors to the Filigrane loyalty program and the Grande Avenue commercial platform.
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The options

If the services of the pack are not sufficient, Société Générale provides options to be added, for an additional fee:

  • the tranquility option includes the opposition service for all cards, even those held by other banks, the memory service (identity cards are registered), and the Jazz guarantee. The latter will reimburse you the difference if you find a product cheaper than the one purchased;
  • flexible option exempts you from agios (under conditions) and reimburses your overdraft in the event of death;
  • SMS alert sends you an account balance message;
  • the international option exempts you from payment fees, withdrawals and transfers outside the EU.

How to join this formula?

This formula called « all in inclusive », that is to say « all in one » aims to facilitate the daily life of its customers. But, how to join the pack?

In fact, anyone can subscribe to this offer provided they are a Société Générale customer. The procedures are carried out online from the personal space, or by contacting your bank advisor.

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