CMT Bank: the writing guide

The CMT or Crédit Municipal de Toulon differs from traditional banks. Indeed, the establishment practices advantageous rates and also offers specific offers such as pawnbroking. Discover all the particularities of this social bank which has existed for 200 years. Opening an account, bank cards, loans… We tell you all about this financial organization which places people at the heart of its action!

Presentation of the CMT Bank

The Monts-de-Piété, which have existed for nearly 200 years, were renamed Caisses de Crédit Municipal in 1918. Today, it is the only public credit institution in the Var. And as its name suggests, the Crédit Municipal de Toulon (CMT) has its head office based in the capital of the department.

On the other hand, it should be known that the Caisse de Crédit Municipal de Toulon is a public establishment of social assistance and credits. Moreover, the social dimension of the organization is recognized, in particular with the loan-on-pawn service. In addition, it is a real alternative to commercial banks.

CMT Banque cultivates a real philosophy that places people at the center of its action. Indeed, in the agencies of the network, you will not find automats. Transactions are carried out exclusively at the counter by an advisor. And also note that Crédit Municipal de Toulon has no shareholders to remunerate. This partly explains its positioning away from the market and its search for profitability.

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How to open an account at CMT Banque?


To open a current account at CMT Banque and become a client, you must make an appointment with an advisor in a branch.

Find all the agencies present in the territory from the following link:

Note that you also have the option of contacting Crédit Municipal de Toulon directly by completing this online form:

The documents to provide

For your request to open a current account to be processed, you must provide the following supporting documents:

  • valid identity document (national identity card or passport, no driving licence);
  • proof of address for three months (electricity bill, water, landline or mobile phone, etc.);
  • last pay slip for employees or the last income tax notice for the liberal professions;
  • account statements for the last three months.

CMT Banque banking services

The current account

Individuals have the option of opening a current account in the establishment, provided they can present supporting documents (valid identity document, pay slip, proof of address, latest account statements, etc.).

Thanks to the banking mobility assistance service, the procedures are made easier. All you have to do is find an agency near your home to make an appointment with an advisor. Then, the establishment will take care of the formalities.

Bank cards

Crédit Municipal de Toulon offers three ranges of bank cards to meet all your needs:

  • the Visa Electron with systematic authorization and immediate debit, without authorized overdraft;
  • the Visa Classic with immediate or deferred debit, to be used in France and anywhere in the world;
  • the Visa Premier with immediate or deferred debit, to be used worldwide. This credit card has an increased payment capacity.
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Other services

Griffin SMS

This paid service (only 1 euro per month) allows you to monitor your accounts without being caught off guard. Every day, you receive by notification your bank balance as well as the details of the last three transactions. This saves you bank accidents.


Pawnbroking is a way to get cash quickly. The principle is very simple: all you have to do is deposit an object for money.

People who wish to benefit from this service must go to one of the Prêt-sur-Gage agencies (Toulon, Puget-sur-Argens, Ajaccio or Bastia). No need to make an appointment.

Then the objects are estimated by a qualified expert. After obtaining your agreement, a loan contract is drawn up and the sum is given to you without delay. As for your objects, they are deposited in a vault. You have the possibility to recover them at any time after reimbursement.


In terms of savings, Crédit Municipal de Toulon markets several classic products:

  • A booklet ;
  • booklet B, CLS;
  • sustainable development booklet;
  • popular savings account;
  • youth book.


Several credits are offered by the social institution:

  • Griffon Conso: unallocated personal loan of up to €60,000 over a period of 6 to 120 months;
  • Griffon Hypo to finance all your personal and family projects with the possibility of including the purchase of your credits, from 20,000 euros to 150,000 euros over a maximum period of 120 months;
  • Griffon Equilibre: repurchase of credit up to 50,000 euros without guarantee and up to 150,000 euros with mortgage guarantee over a maximum period of 120 months;
  • Griffon Patrimoine conso: exclusive CMT financing solution for all property owners without credit or individuals with savings;
  • Griffon Patrimoine immo: financing solution for all your real estate projects, acquisitions and/or works, from 50,000 euros to 400,000 euros over periods ranging from 60 to 96 months;
  • Griffon Patrimoine relais: dry relay loan over a period of 60 months.
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CMT Bank tariffs

Subscribing to remote banking services (internet, landline, SMS, etc.) is free. On the other hand, the SMS alert service is billed at 1 euro per month (up to 5 notifications per week).

With regard to account maintenance, be aware that the service only costs 0.90 euros per month (or 10.80 euros per year).

Find all the pricing applied by the establishment by downloading the document in the « Useful information » section at the bottom of the home page.

How to access your online account?

To consult your accounts online from your personal space, click on the first button “Access to accounts” at the top of the home page. This is represented by a closed padlock.

To access online services, enter your subscriber number and your password.

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