Open a bank account without proof of income

You are unable to justify your income, and yet you need to open an account? There are solutions to open a bank account without having income. Stay away from traditional banks that ask for guarantees. Online banks are more flexible. Discover all our practical advice for opening a bank account without having regular cash inflows.

The right to the account

There is a right to the account. It’s about a legal obligation, which concerns all people including those without resources or in debt. In case of refusal to open an account in a traditional bank, use your rights. The Banque de France will oblige the bank branch to open an account for you.

However, before initiating a procedure, there is a procedure to follow. The right to an account is accessible to people domiciled in France, regardless of nationality. To be able to carry out the formalities with the Banque de France, the banking institution must notify you of its refusal in writing. For your file to be complete, you will need to provide supporting documents: a copy of a valid identity document, proof of address less than three months old (gas bill, rent receipt, etc.) as well as a sworn statement that you do not have a bank account in your name. These steps can be carried out by simple mail. The form can be downloaded from the Banque de France website. One day after receipt of your letter, it will appoint a bank branch required to open an account for you with standard services (except checkbook).

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To know before opening a bank account by this means, you will have to carry out an initial deposit. It can be a small sum (15 euros).

Open a bank account at a tobacconist

No need to prove income to open a payment account or Nickel account in a tobacconist. With this bank account, carry out traditional operations: payment by card, cash deposit, transfer, payment by TIP or direct debit, obtaining a bank details, etc.

Managing your account couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is connect to the Nickel Account site and enter your login details. Your account is accessible from a laptop. To deposit or withdraw cash, go to a tobacconist. This then acts as a counter. To change your bank card, the process is exactly the same.

To open a Nickel account, you will be asked for a valid ID. You will also need an Internet connection, a mobile phone and an email address.

Open an account in an online bank

Online banks such as Monabanq do not require income conditions. No minimum resources are required, however you will have to provide a RIB. To obtain a bank account statement, you can open an account at a tobacconist.

The other trick is to use a prepaid card. By using this process, you will not have to justify income. It is a means of payment associated with an electronic money account. The offers are similar to those offered in traditional banking establishments. However, the prices are higher. Among the prepaid cards, the most attractive remain the Skrill, Anytime or PCS MasterCard offers.

In any case, before opening a bank account without proof of income, find out about the conditions and prices. Compare the different offers before selecting the one that suits you best.

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