Why buy a property in Corsica

Corsica is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Much appreciated because of its hospitality, its gastronomy, its mild climate and its very rich culture, it is qualified as an island of beauty and attracts thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. But, in addition to being an attractive tourist environment, Corsica is renowned for being a favorable destination for real estate investments. Indeed, it offers many opportunities as far as the sector is concerned. This is what motivates many investors in search of secure profitability. This article informs you about the advantages that exist in buying a property in Corsica.

Buy a property in Corsica to benefit from a tax advantage

One of the reasons why some people prefer to buy a villa in Corsica is the tax advantage it is possible to benefit from. Indeed, some towns in Corsica are eligible for the Pinel law. This system allows you to benefit from a tax reduction on any rental investment. However, certain conditions must be met in order to benefit from this advantage. According to these conditions, the accommodation must be in an eligible area. Apart from that, the tenant must not exceed the required income ceilings and at the same time, the maximum amount of rent is imposed. In addition, you are asked for a commitment to rent your property over a period of 6, 9 or 12 years.

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For a commitment of 6 years, the tax is reduced by 12%, while for a commitment of 9 years, the tax reduction is 18%. As for a commitment over 12 years, the reduction will be made up to a rate of 21%. This tax exemption scheme gives investors easier access to a new apartment or dwelling. It is a reliable aid to ensure a nice savings.

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Buy a property in Corsica because of the attractiveness of the region

In terms of rental investment, Corsica appears to be a favorable region. This country has an attractive landscape that attracts more and more people. This justifies that life in Corsica is known as pleasant. In addition, tourism is highly developed on this island. This sector represents a good part of the economic activity. There are nearly 3 million people who go on vacation each year and who start looking for a rental for their stay. By investing in real estate, you will have a good chance of making your investments profitable, especially if your house is located by the sea or in tourist towns.

Buy a property in Corsica to benefit from attractive rates

Another advantage of real estate investment in Corsica is that the prices are moderately expensive, compared to the tourist agglomerations of France. In Corse-du-Sud, for example, the average price of an apartment per square meter is estimated at 3060 euros, while in France it is 2440 euros. It appears that investing in Corsica is a fairly advantageous investment that allows you to have capital gains in terms of profitability.

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