The main bathroom trends for 2019

The 2019 bathroom is both welcoming and surprising. When we see her for the first time we are in awe and we cannot restrain an interjection of surprise. Several trends stand out, you can copy them, even just partially, or take the opportunity to have your bathroom redone by a professional.

The walls

The walls are of paramount importance in a bathroom, we always come across one of them, they don’t have to be boring.

Game of lines and colors

Depending on the size of the room, the dominant color will be either very dark or very pale. Knowing that light colors make the room look bigger, small bathrooms will be tiled or painted in white to pastel shades. Large water features can withstand dark tones and add even more modernity with black, anthracite, garnet or midnight blue, for example.

The background being set, we play with the lines. They must be graphic, polygonal, parallel, broken, the important thing is that they remain thin. They mark their importance by their strict and light features at the same time.

  • Black lines on a white background, light on a dark wall.
  • Graphic design also mixes with objects, the mirror and the shower screen are endowed with contrasts and improbable lines.

The mix of materials

The materials combine in order to give depth and relief to the bathroom or the shower room.

The marriage of stone and wood or tiles and wood is both a classic and a trendy decor.

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It is the color of the tiling that should bring this surprise, if it is black with light or exotic wood shelves, the charm will operate. The stone itself must be of size or resemble it. Only one wall, the main one, the one that carries the sinks and the mirrors will have to be decorated in this way. The other walls remain bare but not plain, they present paint effects: buffered sponge, waxed, glaze, leather…

The toilets

The great novelty for 2019 is the opening to intimacy. The bathroom is integrated or opens onto the bedroom. The dividing wall is just a large bay window over which you can draw a curtain if you want to be out of sight. The bathroom thus has the merit of being bright.

Freestanding bathtub

It is the queen of the bathroom, the central room, it resumes its place as in the time of kings. It doesn’t touch any wall, it just sits there, rustic or ultra-modern, with lion’s feet or a wall light. It can face the bed or the window or even a bay window overlooking the outside.

The whirlpool bath is a bit forgotten, it is too noisy and we need relaxation. The spa on the terrace takes over.

The shower

The walk-in shower is more practical than with a tray, both to access it and to clean it. Its decor is either an extension of the rest of the bathroom, we look for the shower at first sight, or squarely in contrast, and there, it is obvious. It can be complementary to the bathtub or replace it.

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Sinks or sinks

If they are colored, they must match the bathtub and the toilet. The shape remains your choice, rectangular, round, oval, but the material must be in harmony with the rest of the bathroom without weighing down the decor. Glass and wood, glass and stone, it works, but granite and stone, or tiles and ceramics, it’s too heavy.


One word: suspended. It is much more hygienic and modern. They can find their place even in the smallest bathrooms. It is enough to mount a wall to preserve privacy. It is quite possible to mount one in the center of the bathroom with the basins on one side and the toilets on the other. However, you have to ask a professional for this transformation.

Furniture and accessories

Wood is on the rise.

For furniture and accessoriess bathroom, bet on wood, choose from bamboo, mango or mahogany (mahogany from the West Indies) according to your budget. These are woods that are resistant to humidity and heat. The asymmetry in the accessories is very much appreciated, no mirror effect on both sides of the double basin.

Technology invests the place. The mirror lights up with a simple touch of the finger, the glass wall separating the room from the bedroom darkens on demand, the shower has a radio, the taps leak when you pass your hand under them…

Renovation of an existing bathroom

It’s hard to jump into a bathroom remodel blindly. We have to calculate the budget, often quite tightly. There is no room for error. Between the rental or purchase of certain tools and those of the renovation elements, the bill is already heavy.

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Asking for a quote is often free, surprisingly, the difference is so small that it would be silly not to call on a professional to be sure that the job is done right. Thanks to online sites like, you can easily estimate your renovation budget and have access to detailed quotes. Everything is taken into account, the price of furniture, sanitary facilities, pipes, fittings, paint, labor. On all items to be purchased, you will benefit from a 10% VAT reduction compared to purchasing them yourself.

This is the main reason for the little difference in budget between doing it yourself or entrusting it to a professional. In addition, you benefit from a guarantee on work and materials.

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