Payment terminal, what is it?

The electronic payment terminal, more simply called TPE, has been present in society for a long time, without the lambda knowing its name. More often referred to as a bank card terminal or bank card reader, this device has a significant role to play in everyone’s daily life.

What is it about ?

To put it simply, the payment terminal is an electronic device designed to quickly and efficiently collect credit card payments. In this world where everything is automated to make everyday life easier, the TPE has taken a certain place in the everyday life of the general public.
Composed of a base and a terminal, this device reads bank cards, but it should also be noted that it is possible to connect it to a check reader in order to read a check of course.
To go further, the payment terminal sends payment requests directly to a central bank card. This makes it possible to verify the validation of the bank card and the payment in question. In this sense, TPE is an excellent way to secure transactions.

payment terminal

Technical characteristics of an electronic payment terminal

Although all payment terminal models are not composed identically due to their differences in range and generation, we can nevertheless find recurring parts, namely a screen which can be touch-sensitive or not, and which is used to display a lots of information, an integrated printer whose role is to print invoices, tickets and other payment receipts. Nowadays, thanks to technological progress, we find in France other models used for payments by bank card with magnetic stripe. This model has been very popular in the United States for years and is also beginning to find its place in France.
In short, the electronic payment terminal is a device that is more than necessary for modernized collections.

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Choosing the right payment terminal

TPE is a very reliable method of payment for both customers and merchants. Many of them request it, if we are only talking about small, medium and large commercial enterprises. Find out how to choose the right electronic payment terminal.

The different models of terminals

Thanks to the innovation of this technology, the settlement of commercial transactions has become simpler and above all, more secure. First of all, there are 2 kinds of TPE: fixed TPE and mobile TPE. As the name suggests, once you install the fixed TPE, you no longer have the option of moving it anywhere. It is therefore intended for payments at the cash desk, and a numeric keypad, called pinpad, complements it so that customers can enter the secret codes of their cards. As for mobile TPEs, some allow payment via wireless networks such as Wifi, Bluetooth, they are called wireless TPEs, such as TPE Sumup. They bring together professional VSEs, proving to be very useful. Others have a GPRS chip; under these conditions, the purchase regulations are made by the telephone network. With their mobility, mobile TPEs provide great convenience for their users.

The criteria to take into account

Before choosing among these different types of payment terminals, consider these essential things. First, identify the collection conditions you will require: if you stay in your sales premises, the fixed TPE is the ideal way. On the other hand, if you want to move around, choose portable TPE. So define which connection you find perfect and beneficial for your type of activity: connection by telephone line or GPRS, or ADSL? It is now up to you to select the one that can meet all your needs.

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In conclusion, you have to make your choice according to the type of commercial activity carried out in order to find the appropriate electronic payment terminal.

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