How to write a check from the Postal Bank?

Do you need to fill out a check from the Postal Bank? But before registering all the information necessary for its collection, it is advisable to take some precautions. Follow our expert advice for writing a check and avoiding fraud.

Tips for writing a Postal Bank check

First, it is better to use a black ballpoint pen to fill out your Banque Postale check. It must be non-erasable ink for obvious reasons.

Then, write at the beginning of each line or box so as not to leave a space in front of the sums in words and figures. In case of unfilled parts, draw a line. And of course, your document must not contain any erasures or overwriting.

The amount in figures must be indicated with a comma and cents, even if it is a round sum (for example: 50.00 euros). For the amount in words, you can write cents in numbers. For example, fifty euros and 20 cts.

You must also indicate the place of issue and the current date, respecting it scrupulously. Indeed, it is prohibited by law to backdate or postdate a check. Moreover, a post-dated check can be cashed immediately. It is therefore useless to resort to this practice.

Finally, sign your check, taking care not to overflow on the line of numbers at the bottom of the title. This would then prevent collection by the bank. Please note that the signature must match the one you submitted when opening your account.

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To note : if your check is filled automatically, by a machine, always check it. Contrary to popular belief, there can be an error. And if the information is correct, sign it at that time. The information printed by the machine must be clearly legible and exact.

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How to write a check from the Postal Bank?

First, it is essential to know the importance of a well-written check. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to check fraud. So make sure that all the free fields are all filled in.

Here are the steps to follow to fill out a check from the Postal Bank:

  • write the amount in words at the end of the sentence « Pay against this check not endorsable except in the profile of a bank ». Draw a line if the field is not entirely filled;
  • then, enter the amount in figures on the right in the box preceded by the symbol €. Before the pennies, don’t forget to put a comma. The pennies can be registered in power;
  • then, indicate the precise name of the beneficiary under the amount in words, after the preposition « to ». Be careful not to make a mistake. Know that it is not forbidden not to mention it. However, issuing a blank check represents a danger since it can be cashed by anyone;
  • you will also have to enter the place of issue of the check on the right, at the bottom of the box with a thick outline containing the amount in figures, after « A ». The name of the city must correspond to the one where you are to fill the check;
  • finally, indicate the current date after “The”.
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When all these mentions appear legibly on your check, detach it from the checkbook, taking care not to tear it. Then you can sign it. Note that if you decide to affix your signature without detaching your title from the check book, your signature will be found in relief on the next check.

And to better manage your finances, don’t forget to fill in the counterfoil or stub of the check book, indicating the date, the order of the beneficiary and the amount of the check.

Advice : to not forget any information, the trick is to fill in all the free fields of the check from left to right and from top to bottom. But beware, this does not exempt you from carrying out a proper verification.

How to avoid fraudulent use of cheques?

When you have a checkbook, you risk misappropriation of your money. The risks are thus similar to those you incur with a bank card. Today, do you really need a checkbook to pay for your purchases at merchants or to pay your debts? Ask yourself if the possession of this means of payment is essential.

As soon as you have a checkbook, you must keep it in a safe place so that it is not stolen. This therefore represents a constraint. Moreover, an online bank has circumvented the problem by offering the “Send a check” service. Thus, Boursorama Banque sends a check directly to the beneficiary after you have completed it online. This helps to combat check fraud due to the risk of forgery.

If, despite all these precautions, you are the victim of a theft or fraudulent use of your cheque, don’t wait. Immediately notify your bank advisor to stop the check. Then file a complaint at the nearest gendarmerie or police station.

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