What is the ACE European Group Limited Direct Debit?

On your account statement, you will see amounts under the heading “ACE European Group Limited”. What is this levy? What is it really about? Is it a scam or scam? We tell you all about the title PLVT ACE EUROPEAN GROUP LIMITED.

What does the ACE European Group Limited levy mean?

This SEPA direct debit actually corresponds to a mobile insurance. This is compulsorily offered by the mobile phone company SFR. When you have taken out a subscription with this operator, a box in the contract specifies the ACE guarantee. Be careful, before signing the general conditions, to check that the box is unchecked.

As with any insurance, you are committed for a fixed period. Usually this is one year. With this warranty, your laptop is covered in the event of material damage, theft or fraudulent communication.

To be sure that you have taken out this ACE insurance, collect your contract by going directly to the SFR store where you purchased your mobile phone. It is also possible to contact the Assurance Mobile by ACE customer service at the following number: 01 72 76 16 54.

Stop ACE European Group Limited direct debits: how to proceed ?

You can request the termination of your ACE insurance to stop debits from your bank account. Make your complaint by mail by sending your letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Clearly explain your wish to cancel while accompanying your request with the following supporting documents: a copy of your identity card, proof of address if you moved after taking out the contract. Also specify your contract number in your letter as well as the mobile number to which the subscription is attached.

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Send your letter to the following address:

ACE European Group

Customer Service – Mobile Insurance

The Coliseum

8, avenue de l’Arche

92419 Courbevoie Cedex.

Stop ACE European Group Limited direct debits and get reimbursed

Difficult to dispute that you have not read the general conditions of sale. In this type of dispute, you will encounter difficulties in asserting your rights.

However, you can start by contacting the customer service of the ACE company. An amicable solution may be offered to you.

For your part, object to direct debits in consultation with your bank advisor. Be aware, however, that there are consequences to setting up this type of operation as part of a mobile insurance.

The ACE company will register you in the file of the litigation service for non-payment and unpaid. She may send you many follow-up letters with the threat of legal action.

In the event of major disputes, you can ask for help from the mediator of the French Insurance Federation or contact a consumer association.

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