Credit card limits

All bank cards are capped. However, the amount of the withdrawal or payment limit varies depending on the credit card. Discover all the subtleties in order to manage your money as well as possible. We tell you everything about the credit card limit: what is it really? How is it calculated? And why do you have to respect the limits imposed by the banks?

What is a credit card limit?

There are two kinds of limits: the payment limit and the withdrawal limit. Each of these two ceilings has an amount set by the bank. This amount is also indicated in the credit card contract. Generally, the payout cap turns out to be higher than the other.

The ceilings represent a limit of operations so that the card holder does not abuse his means of payment.

Once the limit is reached, the bank card is blocked. The credit card user can no longer withdraw money from the ATM or make a purchase.

What are the limits of the different bank cards?

Visa Electron

Withdrawal: from 300 to 500 euros per week.

Payment: from 1000 to 2500 euros per month.

Visa Classic or MasterCard

Withdrawal: 500 euros per week.

Payment: 2500 euros per month.

Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard

Withdrawal: 1000 euros per week.

Payment: 8000 euros per month.

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Visa Platinum or Platinum MasterCard

Withdrawal: 2000 euros per week.

Payment: 12000 euros per month.

Visa Infinite or MasterCard World Elite

Withdrawal: 4000 euros per week.

Payment: from 10,000 to 20,000 euros per month.

How to manage the ceilings and increase them?

Knowing the exact amount of your card limit will save you a lot of disappointment. If in doubt about the amount, contact your bank advisor. You can also consult your credit card contract.

If you plan to go abroad, check the withdrawal and payment limits carefully so as not to be blocked once there.

If the ceiling is too small, your bank can increase them on request. But beware, the procedure will only be punctual. If you are considering a major purchase, claim an increase in your ceiling. Notify your bank adviser several days in advance.

Please note that you will be charged a fee for this procedure.

Also be aware that prestigious or high-end cards have much higher payment and withdrawal limits than classic blue cards. In case of great need, ask for one of these cards.
However, you should know that the membership fees are also much higher. Before subscribing, find out about the rates applied.

The importance of respecting the limits

With your credit card, you cannot withdraw or pay beyond a certain amount. Indeed, withdrawals and payments are capped.

If your credit card limit is exceeded, it will be blocked. If you anticipate major expenditure items such as holidays or large purchases, anticipate by asking to increase the limit of your card. To do this, contact your bank advisor.

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Namely, some banking establishments have applications allowing you to manage the ceiling of your credit card yourself. The application is available from a smartphone or on the bank’s website.

How is a credit card limit calculated?

Each credit card has a withdrawal or payment limit. This amount varies depending on the type of card as well as the agreement between the cardholder and the bank.

From one card to another, the limits can vary considerably.

You can absolutely set the ceiling in consultation with your bank advisor. Customize the amount by limiting it over time (for a major purchase, for example) or over time if the ceiling does not meet your needs.

Also note that the ceiling for withdrawals is calculated on the basis of 7 rolling days. The rolling day begins when the first withdrawal is made.

Regarding the ceiling for payments, it is calculated over 30 rolling days. As long as the limit has not been reached, you can pay for your purchases with your payment method.

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