10 tips to prepare for retirement at 40-45

When you reach forty, you have two decades left to prepare for your retirement. So you have time to think about suitable solutions. By investing in real estate or in various savings products, you ensure the future and you obtain additional income, which will be added to your pensions.

Buying your main residence

Preparing for retirement means first of all acquiring your main residence. In this way, you will no longer have to pay rent and you will enjoy guaranteed accommodation. You would not have this insurance as a tenant.

Over time, your home can increase in value. By reselling it, you realize a capital gain, which can pay for the move if you want to buy a smaller home or live near your children.

Non-professional furnished rental (LMNP)

You can prepare for your retirement by buying a furnished property, intended for rental. The accommodation can be occupied as a main residence, on a temporary or seasonal basis.

If, in this context, you rent an apartment in a service residence, intended for seniors for example, you will have no management concerns, because it will be provided by a commercial lessor.

In addition, you will receive your rents even if the accommodation is not occupied.

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Other real estate tax exemption solutions

Some real estate tax exemption schemes make it easier to invest in rental properties. Among other programs, the Pinel law encourages you to invest in new buildings and the Girardin law in overseas territories.

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Each of these schemes provides for significant tax reductions. They thus allow you, under better conditions, to expand your assets and build up additional income.


Another form of real estate investment, the Civil Real Estate Investment Company (SCPI) is another way of preparing for retirement.

By buying a share of SCPI, you become the owner of a portion of real estate acquired and managed by a management company.

The properties are distributed among a wide variety of sectors and the tenants are diversified. Also you no longer depend on any of them. The high yields of such an investment provide you with significant income.

The life annuity

The life annuity represents a classic way of rounding off the end of the month in retirement. In exchange for the sale of his home to a buyer, the person concerned receives a sum, called a bouquet, representing a certain percentage of the value of the property.

She also receives, until the end of her life, an annuity which supplements her income. The receipt of this fixed and regular income offers a certain guarantee to those who benefit from it.

life insurance

Preparing for retirement also means choosing to invest your money in a savings product. As such, life insurance remains the preferred investment of the French.

If you favor security, you will choose to invest in the euro fund of the contract. If you are looking for higher performance potential, you can diversify your savings between euro and unit-linked funds, shares and other transferable securities.

At the end of the contract, you can convert your savings into capital or a life annuity.

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The per

Provided for by the PACTE law, in 2019, the Retirement Savings Plan is intended, from October 1, 2020, to replace all the old retirement savings products, such as PERP, Madelin contracts, « article 83 » and even more.

The holders of these contracts can transfer their savings, under good conditions, to this new PER, which benefits from advantageous taxation. The accumulated savings are available, except in the case of early release, at the time of retirement.

The corporate PER

Like the Individual PER, the Collective Retirement Savings Plan is subscribed within the framework of the company and must replace, from October 1, 2020, the old similar retirement savings products, such as the Perco.

The so-called Collective PER is open to all employees, who are not forced to subscribe to it. This obligation to subscribe does, however, apply to the Mandatory corporate PER.


Preparing for retirement early can also go through the subscription of a Savings Plan in Actions (PEA). It makes it possible to invest in the purchase of shares and to convert the savings thus accumulated into capital or a life annuity.

As long as you do not withdraw your money, the dividends or capital gains obtained are tax exempt. Only social security contributions are payable. It is therefore an advantageous and potentially profitable solution.


Created in 2014, this placement is another equity savings plan. The difference is that savers are encouraged, through their PEA-PME, to invest in certain small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Taxation is just as advantageous as that which applies to the classic PEA. Indeed, the income earned is exempt from tax if you do not make any withdrawals within 5 years of opening the plan.

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