These strange coincidences

Most of us encounter a spooky coincidence from time to time. But do coincidences really exist, or do these weird scenarios actually have a deeper meaning? Here’s why « coincidences » might not be what they seem…

Coincidences can lead you to someone

Coincidences may seem like nothing more than unusual twists, but they often exist to lead us to a specific person. This person can be a new friend, partner, or even a long-lost relative.

The example of Mary: When I was 9, I had a classmate named Jessica. One day, Jessica invited me to her house after school. During dinner with her parents and her twin brother Tom, her mother asked me what my last name was. When I told her, she rushed into the living room and came back a few minutes later with a picture of herself in the hospital holding her two babies. Beside her, another woman was holding another baby. Turns out I was born a day after Jessica and Tom. Our moms spent hours chatting in the hospital. What makes the story even more magical is that I ended up marrying Tom and last month and gave birth to twins. Oddly enough, in the hospital, I befriended the woman in the bed next to me. I wonder if our paths will ever cross again!  »

Marie’s story is truly unusual, but as evidenced by her marriage to her friend’s twin brother, their meeting was definitely no coincidence… Her friendship with Jessica led her to Tom and sent her to a magical journey that could lead to other « coincidences » in the future.

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Coincidences can teach you something

There may be times in life when we are sent down a particular path only to reach an unusual coincidence at the end which, although unpleasant, teaches us a lesson. Life is a long journey of learning and development and although these coincidences can be difficult, they play an important role in our lives.

Coincidences can save you from venturing down the wrong path

Sometimes we take a wrong path in life. We can then be completely unaware that this path is not the right one. We may think we know best, only to find later that we should have explored a different route.

Fortunately, whatever path we choose in life, we have the opportunity to experience joy and happiness, even if there are obstacles along the way. However, sometimes a strange coincidence can happen. It prevents us from going down the wrong road while pushing us in a promising direction.

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