7 ideas for finding serious work from home

Working at home has many advantages, especially in the organization of family life. How to make a living from your home business? Beyond simple income supplements and good web plans, there are real job opportunities. Discover our ideas for finding a serious job to do at home. Don’t waste your time reading emails or answering surveys, generate a good income through a lucrative business.

door-to-door sales

Also called sale in meeting or direct sale, this system has largely proven itself. As a home seller, you will have to prospect and sell products or services to individuals. Today, there are a multitude of products involved in meeting sales: ready-to-wear clothing, lingerie, jewelry, household appliances, beauty products, toys, household robots, etc.

No prerequisites are required to perform this job. If you have good interpersonal skills and a certain power of persuasion, you have every chance of generating a comfortable income through this activity.

The VDI (independent home seller) is bound by a distribution contract to the company that employs him.

To find a job as a meeting salesperson, check the classifieds sites or social networks. Every day, companies launch recruitment campaigns.

Beware, however, of scams that abound on the Internet. In general, never pay to start a new activity.

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do teleprospecting

The profession of teleprospector can be carried out at home and is completely compatible with a self-employed status. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet to carry out this activity.

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Teleprospecting responds to a real know-how that requires adaptability and a certain force of conviction. The professional must adapt to his interlocutor and personalize his calls in order to have a chance to sell.

A job that is not always easy when you know that cold calling is often poorly perceived by individuals…

Medical tele-secretary at home

This outsourced service is an advantage for medical practices. Indeed, the medical tele-secretary ensures the telephone permanence of the doctor by informing the patients and by making the appointments.

If this profession can be practiced at home, the medical telesecretary must however have skills and knowledge in the field. In order not to make any mistakes with patients, the telesecretary must undergo training.

Personal service

Career services jobs exist in the hundreds. Babysitting, private tutor, help for the elderly… All these positions can be performed at your home.

These different jobs are easy to find. To prospect, turn to general classifieds sites or specialized in home-based jobs. You can also offer your services by posting an ad in strategic places (shops frequented by your target, health centre, etc.).

Web Editor, write for the net

Web writing has a bright future ahead of it. If you have a pretty pen and an irreproachable spelling, get started in this activity which can be main or secondary. It is also accessible with self-employed status.

Write all kinds of web content for websites, online stores, platforms, blogs… Specialized platforms serve as intermediaries by connecting customers and service providers. On redacteur.com, textbroker.com, 404works.com, offer your services as a web editor.

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Become a community manager

Often attached to the job of web editor, the community manager represents a brand via social networks. This intermediary does not need to hold a position on the premises of the company to defend it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This new booming profession offers real opportunities. Community managers can easily find a job among the many offers available.

Accessible without a dedicated diploma, community management tends to become more professional, hence the importance of training in web communication and web marketing.

Independent Real Estate Agent, work for his own

The independent real estate agent can work from home. However, it is an accessible profession with training and experience. A professional license with an economic, legal or commercial content, or an experience of at least three years (in addition to obtaining the baccalaureate) is required to carry out this activity.

Know that this field of activity is very attractive. Sell ​​apartments and houses on the Internet by finding interesting offers. Becoming a self-employed real estate agent is a project with great potential.

Our recommendation: the independent telemarketer!

As we were able to suggest to you above in the various possible solutions, it turns out that currently the profession of independent telemarketer seems to us the best possible option. Indeed, this work from home is currently in vogue and has seen a significant number of opportunities since the coronavirus crisis in particular. To take advantage of it, it’s very simple: you just have to go to an online platform that offers these services.

After registering on it, all you have to do is select the missions to which you can respond. Depending on your availability, you will work when you can, while being completely independent. With the number of teleoperators increasing day by day, it’s now or never for you to seize this opportunity before it’s too late.

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To take advantage of it, you won’t need to invest in expensive and complicated equipment to master: with a simple computer, an internet connection, a legal status as a self-employed worker, and a microphone, you can easily carry out your job as a telemarketer. in telework. All you have to do is register to check that it suits you!

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