Reduce the costs of managing your expense reports with Expensya!

Each year, companies implement new actions to reduce day-to-day costs. This objective is central in most companies. It is then interesting to carry out new effective actions to reduce the expenses related in particular to all the management of the expense reports.

Indeed, this professional field requires time and financial investment for the company. It is then necessary to find solutions to optimize all its tasks. So, how to reduce expenses to manage your expense reports?

Expense report : significant expenses for the company

The management of expense reports is an important expense in the life of a company.

First of all, you have to devote time to it. Indeed, each employee must keep his supporting documents in order to enter them into a computer system to make a request for reimbursement.

Then, a line manager must verify the information entered to be able to validate the reimbursement of the expense report.

Finally, it is the accounting department that certainly requires the most time. The company’s accountant must then process the expenses, verify the information and re-enter it in their accounting software. The investment of time is therefore particularly important. And in a business, time is money!

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Reduce costs related to the management of expense reports with a manager

To be covered by the company, the expense report requires compliance with a strict process that takes time. Investing in a manager then makes it possible to optimize the processing of employee notes to save time, but also money for the company.

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Optimize tasks with a manager

Since March 22, 2017, professional invoices can be stored in digital form. The use of a manager is then a completely adapted solution. Employees’ supporting documents are kept on a computer platform dedicated to this activity.

The note manager also saves you time. First, it allows you to enter an expense report much more quickly. Indeed, these tools are equipped with a scan to save your supporting documents in a digital format in one click. You can then quickly transfer all of your documents to the relevant people within the company for much simpler and faster processing.

This solution saves about 80% of the time previously dedicated to processing expense reports. Think about it!

Centralize data to avoid errors

The centralization of data allows teams to make far fewer errors when managing an expense report. Thus, the company reduces its financial losses since it no longer has to reimburse an erroneous expense report.

In addition, this centralization helps the company to have a much more effective overview on a daily basis. Indeed, it is possible to know all the professional expenses in the form of tables. The company can then carry out monthly or annual analyzes to adjust its actions and make the best decisions.

Thus, the centralization of data is a considerable advantage for optimized management of expense reports.

Improve the accounting management of a professional expense

The accounting treatment is also greatly simplified when all the information is grouped together in the same space. Indeed, the company’s accountant can record the expense report very quickly. The data collected by employees is transferred directly to it. You can know the 5 mistakes not to be made in business according to the digital magazine

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Ultimately, the management of expense reports is simplified for all teams in the company. These solutions allow companies to be much more productive. They can increase efficiency and reduce wasted time in different areas. A solution to remember for all companies that also want to save money.

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