How to earn money for free?

To supplement your end of the month without spending a penny, there are good plans. Surfing the Internet while earning money is possible. Also discover the other tips that consist of generating income through rental between individuals. We tell you about these effective solutions for earning additional income.

Earn free money online: the solutions

Several means have been proven to generate additional income through the web.

have a blog

You don’t need a website to make a profit. A simple blog is enough. By using GoogleAdsense or doing product affiliation with Amazon, you can earn a commission. Note, a blog with significant traffic is more likely to generate money.

Paid emails and surveys

It may not be the most lucrative way. However, it allows you to free up pocket money in an easy way. Register for free on sites like Moolineo, Loonea, Toluna, GreePanthera or Clixsense. By visiting websites and answering online questionnaires, you can earn a few euros. Before starting, create a mailbox specific to this activity. Otherwise, you risk being quickly inundated with emails.

earn money surfing

The surf bars allow you to make ends meet while sailing. A very easy way to make some pocket money. Just install a small bar on his computer. It then broadcasts advertisements. Namely, to hope to win a small sum, you have to be connected all the time. AWBarre and Gold-Barre are surf bar sites.

Jobbing or the art of helping

Whether you’re a handyman or a computer geek, your skills can earn you money. Highlight your know-how and offer your services. Several possible techniques for finding customers: classic classified ads, word of mouth or specialized web platforms. Among them, Post a classified ad describing the skill you want to monetize. Each service starts at 5 euros. To raise the bill, just add options. Payment is then made by bank transfer.

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Rental between individuals

Today, it is possible to rent anything and everything. A good way to earn free money. Make your goods and equipment profitable in order to make ends meet.

Rent your garage or box

Do you have a free storage place? Share it with someone and earn a little extra income. Specialized sites such as Costockage and Ouistock serve as intermediaries. Renting a garage or box can save you up to 200 euros monthly. A good plan.

House rental between individuals

Do you have an extra bedroom in your accommodation? Are you going on vacation and want to rent your house or apartment during that time? Renting your home to an individual is a good way to earn free money. Quickly find a seasonal tenant thanks to platforms such as Airbnb or Abritel. If you live in a very touristy city, the case can be juicy. However, be aware that the rental of a house between individuals remains highly regulated.

Car rental

When you’re not using your car, rent it privately. A good plan that can be very lucrative. Per day, you can earn around thirty euros. No need to own a luxury model, small city cars are just as much sought after by rental companies. It is possible to lend your vehicle for an hour or an entire weekend. To earn free money, go to the Ouicar platform. It connects car owner and borrower. The website also provides auto insurance in case something goes wrong. The right plan also works with converted trucks and motorhomes.

Rent your parking space

Parking spaces are very popular in large cities. Take advantage of the time slot to rent your place to an individual. Post a classified ad on a site like leboncoin or go through a specialized platform. The Zenpark website has positioned itself in the market. You can rent your parking space by the hour or by the day.

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Equipment and tool rental

Sunday handyman, it’s the opportunity or never to make profitable the new material acquired. Rent your DIY or gardening tools to a neighbour. By posting a classified ad on leboncoin, you are sure to make someone happy. You can rent large equipment such as mowers, electric saws or small tools. This good plan allows you to earn money completely free of charge.

Rent your garden for a party

An original idea to exploit. If you have a large garden, why not rent it to individuals? Some are looking for private estates for their family celebration (wedding, baptism, birthday, etc.).

Earning extra income completely free of charge is quite possible. And to be able to generate money even faster, test several good plans at the same time.

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