Become a product tester

Many brands regularly seek consumers to test their new products. To be part of a consumer panel, nothing very complicated. Follow our advice to receive free samples, benefit from promotions on products to test, earn money as a product tester… We tell you all about this easy way to make ends meet and brighten up your daily life.

TOP PRODUCT TESTING sites that pay the most – free registration

TOP product tester sites Payment threshold Means of payment Registration
I Say 5€ Bank transfer
Toluna 5€ Bank transfer

TOP PAID SURVEY sites that pay the most – free registration

TOP paid survey sites Payment threshold Means of payment Registration
greenpanthera 30€ (4€ offered upon registration) Bank transfer
Toluna 5€ Bank transfer
My Opinion Matters 2.50€ PayPal
Gaddin 20€ Gift certificate, bank transfer, Paypal
The Experience is yours (EN) 5€ Bank transfer
Survey Pronto 5€ Bank transfer
nicequest 5€ Bank transfer
I Say 5€ Bank transfer

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Test everyday consumer products

It exists several sites to become a tester. No skill is required. After free registration, you receive invitations to tests. Note that these tests correspond to your consumer profile. It is therefore important to rigorously fill in all the necessary information (sex, age, profession, tastes, etc.). The sites Toluna and Moolineo, specialized in paid surveys, also offer product tests. On the same niche, count on This site makes it possible to test new products free of charge and to make them known through collaborative marketing projects. Select the tests that really interest you and tell your friends about the new features. Note, some products are to be returned after testing (the return costs are borne by and you are not paid.

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On the other hand, on, you keep the product. For some campaigns, you can also be paid. The selection of testers takes place once a week. The products received are very diverse, from everyday consumer products to high-tech items. You are free to apply for the test campaigns that interest you.

consumer meetings

Everyday consumer products are to be tasted during consumer meetings. Most often, marketing companies organize these meetings. These allow brands to improve and design new products. Testing and tasting companies include Avisconso, Réunion Conso and Marketing Scan. Sign up on platforms such as Inside the Field, Test for Us or All Testers.

Beauty products to try

In the beauty sector, brands like to collect the opinions of consumers. Some websites regularly offer beauty product testing campaigns. Among them,,, or even

Well-known cosmetic brands offer their consumer tests directly. The objective is to test their products to evaluate them. Corine de Farme, Nivea, Gouiran Beauté, Mixa, So Bio Ethic, Le Petit Marseillais are among the beauty brands that organize this kind of campaign.

Paid computer test

The website, meanwhile, is a computer and mobile application tester. Test a navigation via questions or by commenting aloud. You don’t need to be a computer expert to become a tester. The platform collects consumer opinions as well as suggestions for improvement. Registration, via a form, is simple and fast. The duration of a test is about fifteen minutes. Hope to collect around 7 euros for a classic test. An easy way to make ends meet.

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Become a tester for Carrefour or Amazon

The Carrefour brand offers a collaborative program, MonAvisLeRendGratuit. By joining the testers of the group, benefit from free products. After purchasing a minimum value of 30 euros, you have four coupons (i.e. 4 products to test).

Depending on the number of your interventions on the Amazon site, it may invite you to become a product tester. The operation aims to multiply the comments on the products. To be part of the Amazon Testers Club and receive free items to test, you have to be patient. To reach the top of the best reviewers and hope to receive a request from Amazon, you have to be very present on the site (respond to comments, for example). Please note, you will receive priority articles on which you are used to giving your opinion.

Tips for becoming a product tester

Product testing is open to any consumer. No need to be an expert in a field to give an opinion. On the other hand, to have interesting proposals, it is necessary tobe rigorous and honest in your answers. Even if the product to be tested is not suitable for you, show integrity. Be sincere in your comments, while respecting the article.

To be credible with brands and other consumers, always check your comments and reviews. Avoid spelling mistakes as much as possible.

Product tester is not a job, but a complementary activity that allows you to receive products for free or to receive a small remuneration. A legal way to butter spinach.

Brands actively seek out consumers because their opinions are valuable to improve. Give-and-take at your fingertips.

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