Cashback iGraal: everything you need to know about this exceptional opportunity

Still little known to the general French public, the cashback system is a commercial technique that increases the purchasing power of consumers. It consists in retroceding to Internet users, part of the funds they spend during their online purchases. Among the precursors of this new business opportunity, there is iGraal, the No. 1 cashback in France. Our experts have tested this service and tell you everything you need to know about the iGraal cashback!

Cashback iGraal, what is this ?

iGraal is a platform specializing in cashbacks. In other words, the site offers its users the possibility of obtaining refunds of part of the amount of their online purchases.

This is possible thanks to partnerships signed with nearly 2,000 brands that remunerate iGraal for each purchase made via its portal. In return, the portal shares part of this remuneration with its members. Thanks to this simple mechanism, it is thus possible toincrease your purchasing power with CashBack iGraal.

The system is quite similar to that of a loyalty card except that here:

  • The offer concerns several hundred brands from various sectors such as fashion, household appliances, mobile telephony, etc.
  • You benefit from refunds on all your orders and not only on the first one;
  • You receive a commission after your purchase instead of a reduction on the amount of your invoice.

Cashback iGraal, how does it actually work?

In order to take advantage of the iGraal cashback on your next online purchases, here is the procedure to follow:

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Create an iGraal account

As on any other site, the first thing to do is to create an account on iGraal. Nothing too complicated, don’t worry:

  • Type your email address;
  • Fill in your first and last name;
  • Create a password ;
  • Click on “Create my free account”.

As soon as each account is created, iGraal offers you a €3 welcome bonus.

Make your purchases from the iGraal portal

Have you found a make-up product, a dress or a household appliance that interests you? Enter the references in the iGraal search bar to buy it on one of the partner merchant sites.

The iGraal cashback is indeed applicable on more than 1,800 partner brands among which include all the major platforms such as :

  • Cdiscount;
  • Sfr;
  • Darty;
  • Zara;
  • Pimkie;
  • Apple;
  • The Body Shop;
  • aliexpress.

Each of them offers cashbacks of up to 50% depending on products and days.

Igraal Cashback

Small example to better understand. You found a beautiful dress at Zara that costs 100 euros. If you order directly from Zara, you will pay 100 euros and this purchase will earn you nothing.

On the other hand, if you order from iGraal, the portal will refund you a percentage of your purchase. So you can do a and the more you buy, the more your savings add up.

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How to receive your commissions on iGraal?

Each time you make a purchase via iGraal, you are entitled to a refund of part of the money spent. The amount of said refund (expressed in euros or as a percentage of the purchase price) is first transferred to your individual virtual account opened on the platform. You can consult the transactions and the balance at any time to follow its evolution.

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Note, however, that while most commissions are paid instantly, it may take a few days for purchases made on certain brands. It all depends on the site and the type of product purchased. For example, a site selling hi-tech devices will not pay you commissions on a purchase if you request a return for a defective product.

But in any case, as soon as your order is definitively validated, your refund is placed on your virtual account.

Now, a question arises: how to get this money?

iGraal offers you the possibility of request a bank transfer or PayPal transfer as soon as your commissions reach 20 euros. You also have the possibility of withdrawing the funds by check, as soon as you accumulate a minimum of 30 euros of cashback on your account.

Little tip to take advantage of all the benefits of iGraal cashback

Typing iGraal’s address into your browser bar every time you want to shop can be tedious. In the long run, you may even forget the platform and miss the many benefits offered.

To avoid this, iGraal has developed an extension compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or even Firefox. Once you install it on your browser, each time you browse an iGraal partner site, you receive an alert. The iGraal toolbar turns green and the amount of the reduction is displayed automatically. Then just click on the “Activate” button to benefit from the discount. It is simple to install, but above all practical to use.

Finally, be aware that the iGraal offer is not limited only to refunds on purchases. The platform also offers promo codessome of which can be combined with the iGraal cashback, as well as discount coupons to print for even more savings.

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