Findmyorder: what does this direct debit correspond to?

By going through your accounts, you are aware of a dubious debit under the wording “Findmyorder”. What does this transaction mean and what does it relate to? We tell you all about the Findmyorder service and the issuing company Digital River. Scam or not? How can you stop these abusive debits from your current account? Discover all our tips to stop having to pay for a Findmyorder transaction.

findmyorder, What is that ?

Findmyorder, as it appears on your account statement, is actually a service of Digital River.

Large international groups use this service to secure their transactions on the Internet.

Who is Digital River?

The Findmyorder service is offered by the private company Digital River. This is an organization specializing in secure online payment that works with large groups.

Its head office is located in Minnesota in the United States.

When you place an order on these companies, you are a customer of Digital River.

How to contact Findmyorder?

There is only one solution to contact Digital River, the organization that offers the Findmyorder service. Indeed, the company is neither reachable by telephone nor by mail. You will need to go through an online form, available on the Digital River website. You will need to enter a certain amount of information including your email address, the last 4 digits of your credit card and your order number to which the direct debit is attached.

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Be aware that the response may take quite a long time. Better to be patient…

Stop Findmyorder payments, the opposition on your bank card

Have you tried to contact Findmyorder’s partner company to resolve the problem, but it was unsuccessful?

To stop payments, contact your bank advisor. In consultation with him, oppose your bank card. By changing your credit card, direct debits will cease.

However, be aware that the operation will prevent you from using your payment method for a week.

Why was I charged by Findmyorder?

When you place an order on a Digital River partner site, you are likely to be charged by Findmyorder.

As soon as you make a purchase on a merchant site, the general conditions of sale specify that the transaction is carried out through Digital River.

On your account statement, the direct debit will not appear under the name of the e-commerce but under the label PVLMT FINDMYORDER or DRI for Digital River.

Who are Digital River’s partner companies?

Avast, Norton, Lenovo, Spotify, Samsung, Logitech and even Microsoft collaborate with the company Digital River. These large groups, well known to the public, trusted Digital River’s secure solution to carry out their online transaction.

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