Financing works: information and advice

No need to dip into your savings to carry out work in your home. Zero rate loan, tax credit and many other banking products can help you finance your projects. Let’s discover together all the solutions that will allow you to finance your various works.

Take out a mortgage for major works

If you want to carry out fairly expensive work that does not have an ecological vocation, you can apply for a mortgage. However, this credit is only available to people whose:

– the request is accompanied by a loan to purchase the accommodation which will benefit from the renovations;
– the loan is secured by a mortgage or a bond.

In addition, taking out a home loan forces the borrower to take out borrower insurance. However, a credit with such a high cost allows you to benefit from a profitable rate. This solution is recommended by if you want to finance major renovations.

Apply for a consumer loan for average work

When it comes to medium-sized works, it is recommended to opt for a consumer credit. To do this, you can contact your bank or any lending organization to find out more about the offers. In addition, many financial institutions nowadays offer work loans. In most cases, such a loan will be offered to you at a fixed rate.

By average works, it is generally a question of small renovations, a refitting of the accommodation or even a facelift. This type of credit is also appropriate only for non-energy renovation work.

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Appropriate financing for energy performance work

To finance work related to the energy transition, it is possible to apply for a tax loan or take out a loan for energy renovation. Here are some credits related to this type of project:

– the energy transition tax loan: this is a credit that will allow you to deduct from your income tax 30% of your expenses in renovation work for the energy transition. The ceiling of this credit is 8,000 euros.
– The zero-rate eco-loan (PTZ): this credit is intended for owners, landlords and tenants. It does not require proof of resources and allows you to perform various tasks. Examples include roof insulation work and much more.
– Sustainable development credit: similar to the eco-PTZ, this loan is also subject to zero interest. Unlike the eco-PTZ, it is claimed for only one type of work.

It should be recalled that the above-mentioned loans are aimed at improving energy performance. It is therefore essential to have certain works carried out by RGE craftsmen (recognized guarantor of the environment).

Save to be able to finance your work

In addition to bank loans and the various aids you can claim, you can also save to finance your work. In this case, you have the possibility of favoring a method of personal management of your budget. This will allow you to save money at your own pace, without affecting your lifestyle. Remember, however, to define in advance the amounts to be saved.

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You can also do some work without hiring an expert. This will allow you to make some significant savings. Indeed, by doing so, you can save on labor. This amount saved can be used for other projects. You also have the possibility of combining loans and savings if you wish to reduce your repayments.

In short, there are several financing options for carrying out the work at your home. All you have to do is find the type of financing that best suits your needs.

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