Adie: the association for micro-credit

Project leaders are sometimes hampered by the problem of financing. Whether it is to create a business or develop its activity, it takes money to buy equipment or obtain a driver’s license. However, banks do not lend easily to certain people (micro-entrepreneur, unemployed, recipient of social minima, etc.). Concerned that everyone can undertake in France, an association lends money in the form of micro-credit. It also accompanies the project leader by carrying out various actions. Find out what Adie’s missions consist of, the aid granted as well as the formalities for benefiting from a micro-credit.

What is the Adie association for?

When creating Adie in 1989, Maria Nowak’s ambition was to adapt the principle of micro-credit to France. And this in order to allow project leaders who do not have access to bank loans to be able to finance the creation or development of their business. It is for these people to get out of their situation either by creating their own job or by developing an activity that already exists.

Today, Adie is a large national non-profit association recognized as being of public utility. It is present everywhere in France (mainland and overseas). The idea? Anyone, even without money, diploma or connection, can undertake.

The missions of the Adie association are of several orders:

  • finance the people to whom they are accustomed to refusing loans: micro-entrepreneurs, the unemployed as well as recipients of social minima;
  • supporting business creation in order to make it sustainable, whether before, during or after. This support takes various forms: information on existing aid and the formalities to be completed, search for local partners, setting up the project, certifying training, coaching, workshop, personalized and free follow-up, adapted professional insurance with negotiated rates, etc.;
  • finally, participate in the development of micro-credit in France.
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What does Adie’s micro-credit consist of?

Here is what you need to know about micro-credit from Adie:

  • the association lends money up to €10,000;
  • the repayment period is between 6 and 36 months with the possibility of deferring the first payment for a maximum of 3 months;
  • you must find a guarantor for the loan up to 50%;
  • the fixed interest rate is 7.45%. It can be replaced by application fees;
  • you can prepay your loan without fees or penalties;
  • finally, the association deducts 5% of the amount of the credit to pay it to a solidarity fund. Thus, other people can be financed. This is also valid for the loan of honor.

Namely: Adie offers a supplement in the form of a zero-rate loan of honor (3000 € maximum).

Who can benefit from an ADIE microloan?

Several structures that do not have access to bank loans can benefit from a micro-loan from Adie:

  • whatever the activity as long as it is legal (market sales, services to individuals and businesses, building, craftsman, trade, online sales, transport, catering, etc.) or the profession (hairdresser, developer, painter, designer, store manager, etc.). It can also be a resumption of activity;
  • whatever the scheme or status: micro-entrepreneur, sole proprietorship, employment service check, EURL, SARL, etc. ;
  • finally, people on file or banned from banking are accepted. The filing does not appear as a criterion for refusal, it depends on the situation (reason for the filing, amount at stake, consequences on the professional activity). In all cases, transparency should prevail. People in a situation of over-indebtedness, on the other hand, are excluded from the system.
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It should be noted that farmers (individual business) cannot claim micro-credit from the association, in the same way as associations, and in particular economic integration associations.

To know: to benefit from a micro-loan from Adie, you must be of legal age.

Micro-entrepreneurs: what aid does Adie provide?

  • Are you a micro-entrepreneur and need a loan to finance the purchase of equipment, a vehicle or benefit from cash? Adie can lend you up to €10,000.
  • The association also facilitates access to additional aid (regional bonus, Nacre scheme, etc.).
  • With Adie, the micro-entrepreneur can also benefit from micro-insurance in order to secure the beginnings of his activity.
  • To develop your project, Adie offers free support.
  • Finally, Adie offers a training course for young people between 18 and 32 years old. This training lasts between 2 and 4 months.

Adie for the unemployed

Unemployed people can take advantage of micro-loans from the Adie association to find or keep a job, whether to finance training or obtain their driving licence.

How to obtain a microloan from Adie in two weeks?

The steps to take

To benefit from a microloan from the association, you must first contact Adie by chat or telephone, in one of the 140 agencies of the association. An advisor will ask you questions about your professional situation and your business creation or development project, before offering you an appointment.

On D-Day, bring several documents:

  • proof of income;
  • personal and professional bank account statements (the last 3);
  • ID ;
  • driver’s license if you need to buy or have a vehicle repaired;
  • Finally, if you already have a forecast or other documents related to your project, you can present them. They will be useful to Adie to better understand your business project.
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If your project is successful, financing can be considered immediately. Otherwise, Adie offers you free training in order to mature your business project.

In all cases, you get an answer within 10 days. If your file is accepted, the money is released within 48 hours and directly transferred to your bank account.

The criteria to be met

You must meet three criteria to obtain a microloan from ADIE:

  • have enough motivation and have the skills required to set up your project. You must also have enough experience;
  • be able to promote your project: forecast, target, location, etc.;
  • be able to repay the micro-credit: evaluation of the amount to be repaid each month according to your budget and your financial prospects. And this, in order to avoid a precarious situation.

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