the platform par excellence for investment novices

Do you want to obtain potential additional income while securing your capital as much as possible? is the platform to turn to for those with no knowledge of financial markets.

A desire to democratize financial markets

Created by Jonathan Nowak, analyst and expert in crypto-currencies, aims to democratize the closed sector of financial investments in order to allow people wishing to diversify their income, to have access to investment opportunities, without having to invest their time.

This desire for democratization was initiated by the founder of the platform, Jonathan Nowak.
Experienced investor who has always wished to make his expertise available to the benefit of the greatest number, especially through his Youtube channel, Jonathan Nowak quickly realized that many people do not have a solid enough financial education to invest alone. , in the financial markets, and in particular in cryptocurrencies.

This is how he came up with the idea of ​​creating a platform,, which, thanks to intelligent algorithms, makes it possible to invest automatically instead of individuals. A significant time saving which offers real added value to all those who wish to invest in order to diversify their income, without having to find themselves the best investment opportunities of the moment.

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Because the field of financial markets is such a risky sector so poorly understood, has implemented the most efficient methods, developed by Jonathan Nowak and his team of experienced investors, which allow users of the platform to invest their capital securely and in a fully automated manner.

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An automatic function that allows long-term returns to be obtained, and in which two pillars have been put in place to adapt to the user, whether beginner or experienced.

The smart strategy

The smart strategy is the most interesting pillar for beginners who only want to be guided and make their investments in a few clicks.
Quite simply, makes a sub-selection of crypto-currencies with high earning potential, and invested instead of the user automatically when the market is at its lowest, and therefore financially interesting.

Thanks to its algorithm, the platform will then sell the crypto currencies in which the client has invested his capital, when the market is at its highest, in order to enjoy the best performance.

Automatic management of the long-term portfolio widely appreciated by its users, which allows individuals to invest with maximum security.

The strategy to customize wanted to leave some personalization to the customer using the automatic function of the platform. It suffices to indicate three essential points, namely:

1. What to buy?

Here, the customer can decide to let know which cryptocurrency they want to buy when the market is at its lowest. The user can direct their choice towards an index of preselected cryptocurrencies, namely a list of virtual currencies recommended by the founder Jonathan Nowak.

Among these preselected cryptocurrencies, there are five indices available to the user. Thus, the latter has the choice in particular between the CAC15 index, which groups together the 15 crypto-currencies with the highest market capitalization, or even the Small Caps index, which groups together the 5 crypto-currencies with high potential. having a small cap. The user can also decide to freely customize their own list of cryptocurrencies as they wish.

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2. When to buy?

Several strategies have been put in place by to determine the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies.
If the choice is the Dollar Cost Average strategy, the platform will be in charge of buying, on behalf of the client, a predefined percentage of its capital automatically every month.

If, on the other hand, the client’s choice relates to the Smart Buy strategy, will then invest automatically when prices are at their lowest, in order to obtain the best returns.

3. When to sell?

Here again, Jonathan Nowak and his team of experts have put in place the best strategies to sell cryptocurrencies at the best time.
The Smart Sell strategy will allow the user to order to sell part of the invested capital when market prices are at their highest.

You can also order the platform to collect your winnings when you double your stake.

The two pillars of the automatic function of can also be provided with a « Stop loss », allowing to automatically cut the losses of the capital at the level of the price of your choice. One way to secure and protect your capital as much as possible.

This is how has become the essential tool for investing, with maximum security, in cryptocurrencies. Beginners or experienced in investing in crypto-currencies, each user can find the function that corresponds to him. A platform that has proven itself with already several million in management since its launch., with hundreds of positive reviews left by its users, is therefore THE solution for investing your earnings simply, quickly and safely.

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