Where to invest your money in 2022: 4 interesting avenues to explore

Where to invest your money in 2022? With galloping inflation and the crisis at the gates of Europe, the question deserves to be asked. In order to allow you to respond effectively, our experts offer you here 4 possible investment solutions in the current context.

Investing your money in 2022: bank books

Bankbooks are among the simplest and most practical investment media for investing your money. in the short term and have an emergency fund.

They are offered in two main forms:

Regulated bank books

As the name suggests, regulated passbook interest rates are set by the state. They are available in all banks under the same conditions. The most famous are :

  • Booklet A;
  • The Sustainable Development Booklet (LDD);
  • The People’s Savings booklet (LEP);
  • The Youth booklet.

These bank books are limited to one per person and the amount deposited cannot exceed a certain threshold. Their interest is paid at the beginning of the year and they are tax exempt.

Unregulated bank books

These booklets are not regulated by the state. Banks freely set their terms and interest rates. Their ceiling can reach several hundreds of thousands of euros and their yields are higher.

Note, however, that the interest generated by these bank books has subject to income tax and social contributions. Which can make them, in some cases, less interesting.

Investing your money in 2022 2

Invest your money in real estate

In 2022, real estate remains one of the best options to invest your money and generate income over the medium and long term. In addition, the classic rental investment is no longer the only option for making your savings grow. There are also other options more accessible to small budgets such as:

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Also called stone paper investment, the SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) is the perfect solution for people who do not have the necessary funds to buy a property. It is an investment vehicle that allows you tobuy shares in a rental buildingan office or retail building.

In return, you receive compensation proportional to the number of units purchased. The yield is around 5% on average depending on the type of project on which you choose.

One of the main advantages of investing in an SCPI lies in the delegated management. Indeed, it is an intermediary company that takes care of the selection of properties, the daily management of tenants, the collection of rents, etc.

Bulk, you enjoy the benefits of real estate on a small budget without bearing the constraints.

real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is an investment that allows you to participate in the financing to build or acquire real estate. Yields are around 8 to 10% per year.

Investment is made via specialized platforms that connect real estate developers looking for financing and individuals.

Real estate crowdfunding still has a few counterparties to take into account before getting started:

  • The funds are blocked for the duration of the real estate transaction, 12 to 24 months on average;
  • It is a risky investment. In the event that the promoter encounters difficulties, investors may not receive their interest or return to their funds.

It is therefore important to carefully study the project in which you want to invest and the reliability of the real estate developer.

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In addition to these 4 relatively secure investment solutions, you can also invest in the stock market or in the cryptocurrency trading. However, these investment options present a relatively high level of risk and require in-depth knowledge or the support of a specialized structure.

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