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When it comes to financial investment, gold is often the most popular and preferred investment by the French. From the possibility of being either physical gold be paper gold, it attracts new investors every year willing to buy a few grams to diversify their savings.

This precious metal ensures long-term profitability on condition that certain golden rules for investing your money properly avoiding traps.

Train before investing in gold

Training is the key to success in order to succeed in everything gold investment. It would not be a good thing to go into buying gold without having the minimum required knowledge. Everything can be learned, there are many online resources that allow you to become a gold expert very quickly if you devote enough time and energy to it.

Investing always presents a risk, that of losing your starting capital. The best solution for put your money in gold smartly is to follow the advice of pro in this market. You will still have to be careful of too tempting proposals that promise you to get rich quick by buying gold. It will take time and a lot of patience. Denying it will increase your risk and make this investment a failure.

Regularly monitor the gold price

the Gold prices will evolve according to several economic and social parameters which will have a direct influence on its price. While the trend has been on the rise in recent months finding its explanation in the global health crisis, theounce of gold is and always will be a profitable investment provided you follow a few practical recommendations. Smart investors know that the rule is to buy when the gold price are at their lowest and resell when they rise to a very high price in order to realize a capital gain.

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While training before investing is therefore essential, learning to sell and buy at the right time is just as important. Following the euphoria of a market and buying when everyone else is is a miscalculation that could cost you a lot. AT Conversely, being panicked when the price of gold begins to fall and selling as most are about to do is the assurance of not making any profit on resale.

Physical gold follows the price per ounce of gold in the financial markets. Its price is directly indexed to the stock market price. It is only natural that its value should evolve. L’paper gold purchase is a risky investment unlike its physical counterpart or other assets like real estate.

Understanding the process for invest in physical gold is quite different. It simply consists in buying an object which can be a jewel, a coin, an ingot in order to place his money in a real value. It will then suffice to store the gold at home or in a safe at the bank.

Be careful not to buy your physical gold anywhere. In fact, prices may vary from one brand to another or from one jewelry store to another. With a few clicks on the internet you can easily find the price per gram which will guide you to set the maximum purchase price.

What is the taxation applied to gold?

We can’t talk aboutgold investment without mentioning the taxes that will be applied.

Regarding paper gold, two types of taxes exist:

The One-Time Lump Sum Levy taxed at 30% of the real capital gain realized on the sale of the security.

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The precious metals tax for its part, it amounts to 11.05%, it is fixed, that is to say it applies automatically for any transaction whether there is a capital gain or not.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Gold?

There is no right or wrong time to invest, the only indicator to get started is the amount of your savings and the risk / reward ratio you can bear.

Gold is a great way to invest your savings without them sleeping and producing nothing or very little on your bank books.

The success of an investment is not predictable, it is important to be aware of it. All investments that ensure a certain profitability yield very little because of the ease of understanding the risk for uninformed investors.

You now have all the information you need to invest in gold. From Napoleonic coins to securities, everyone can find the investment that suits them best and about which they feel most reassured. If gold has long been an exchange value around the world, we are witnessing a profound paradigm shift in another society where little by little gold is transformed into a smart and profitable investment.

Caution is of utmost importance when it comes to investing in this yellow metal which requires knowledge before buying the slightest gram. is a web-based solution for buying and reselling gold in complete security. This professional gold sales site has become an essential platform for all those who would like invest in gold in 2021.

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