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If you are considering trading Forex or already working in the field, you need to be extremely knowledgeable about the market. As a trader, you must have access to up-to-date and reliable information, simply because it is essential for developing good strategies and implementing effective actions.

These days, if you need access to current and reliable information, there is no better resource than podcasts. If you are a beginner or an expert in forex trading, you need to develop a habit of listening to podcasts so that you can take the pulse of the market. Here is a list of our favorite Forex podcasts:

Chat With Traders – Aaron Fifield

It is one of the biggest Forex podcasts in terms of following and reputation. It is so influential that many traders like to claim that it is the only Forex podcast they listen to.

The key to its popularity lies in the interesting stories and detailed personal experiences of several successful and experienced traders, which is a huge source of inspiration for beginners who aspire to participate in this attractive but dangerous market and also for veterans who want to grow and improve.

A Trader’s Life

This is perhaps the best-designed podcast for the average Forex trader. Nicholas Penrake is relatively new to the podcast game, but that doesn’t mean he can’t deliver compelling content. On the contrary, Penrake has been very astute in collecting and offering ideas from other traders who have been able to achieve great success in their careers.

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Hearing inspiring stories, you might think they are made of magic or inexplicable things, but the great thing about this podcast is that it serves up a great amount of realism, reassuring listeners that there is no secret recipe for success. As a trader, you just need to align your trading strategy with your temperament and personality.

Listeners to this podcast have expressed how an educational and motivational resource it has become for them, emphasizing how close its stories are and celebrating its host’s hands-on approach.

Desire To Trade Podcast

This podcast is one of the best when it comes to the quality of its interviews. Billed as “Forex Trading Tips and Interviews with High-Successful Traders,” this Canadian podcast hosted by Etienne Crete takes the art of asking big questions to a new level.

Crete likes to connect his personal experience of years of trade and travel with the insights of other traders, which has earned him a huge following throughout the more than 300 episodes he has produced for his listeners.

The excellent advice this podcast offers is largely focused on the psychological aspects of trading. Crete likes to say that only a successful mindset can make successful trading possible.

FXTalk – An Ebury Podcast

It’s one of those niche podcasts that has been able to gain a significant audience thanks to its currency focus. FX Talk exclusively explores the real price movements of currencies, looking at the fluctuations of the Euro, Dollar, Yuan and their relevance.

Discussions on the global currency market end up being very exciting by the three financial market analysts who host the podcast.

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If you are interested in currency dynamics, this podcast is definitely your best bet. Focusing on this subject can allow you to achieve great business and it also represents a solid skill in terms of competitiveness.

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