NETCOM Unpaid Invoice: How to get out of it?

Among the many bills that must be paid each month is the one related to Netcom subscription fees. Payment of these charges allows you to access telephone services (incoming and outgoing calls) for a limited period depending on the type of subscription to which you have subscribed. For one reason or another, it may happen that the Netcom bill is not paid on time. The operator can then remind you and request payment of the unpaid charges. Don’t know how to get out of it? Follow our advice to solve problems related to the payment of NETCOM invoices.

Unpaid Invoice Netcom Avis

Reasons for non-payment of a Netcom bill

Generally, the Netcom invoice is paid by bank transfer on a regular basis. When the invoice is issued, its amount will therefore be debited from your bank account on a fixed date. It can be a direct debit which is now one of the best methods of paying your bills. You can also request a consultation before the direct debit is made from your bank account. So, if you receive a reminder from Netcom asking you to pay a bill, remember to check with your bank.

It is possible that you have not authorized the automatic debit of Netcom’s invoice amount from your bank account. As a result, the operator did not obtain authorization to debit your account within the time allowed. If you have not granted direct debit authorisation, your bank will directly block Netcom’s request. This blocking is systematic to avoid the risk of fraud on your bank account.

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Your account has insufficient funds for the debit. If you have already authorized Netcom direct debits from your bank account, the non-payment can then be explained by a lack of funds. Indeed, if the balance of your account is lower than the debit required for the payment of the invoice, this one will not be carried out. Netcom will then send you a reminder about the late payment of your invoices.

Unpaid Invoice Netcom Conseils

What solutions for unpaid Netcom invoices?

First of all, remember to check that Netcom direct debits are authorized on your account. It’s the easiest way to pay your bills without having to go through lengthy steps each month.

Then remember to check that the balance of your account is sufficient for your bank to debit the amount of your Netcom bill. If your provisions are not sufficient, your bills will not be paid. This will of course lead to consequences ranging from simple late payment penalties to the suspension of your Netcom subscription.

If you are unable to pay the bill for lack of financial means, you can turn to the various credit solutions offered by your bank. Consumer loans can allow you to pay these Netcom bills and any arrears.

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The risks in the event of non-payment of your Netcom invoices

If you have not paid your bill on time, the operator will contact you by telephone. A follow-up by mail and email will then be made if the payment has not yet been confirmed. The reminder will then be followed by a letter of formal notice calling on you to settle the unpaid invoices as soon as possible. In the event of non-payment after a letter of formal notice, Netcom will be entitled to cut your telephone line and to use the services of a bailiff to collect the amounts of unpaid invoices from your bank account.

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