Does ING accept professional accounts?

ING Direct is the former name of ING. This online bank has a good reputation among the general public. Since it is necessary to justify a minimum income of €1,200/month, ING is an online bank for working people. It is a banking institution that stands out from other competitors with its customer service. This is very efficient and we even find, in writing, that it is one of the best in this business sector.

Online banks strive to offer products and services that will suit people who have a job or who are employed…

Today, no offer is intended for professionals. Maybe she will come one day. Opening such a product is a journey strewn with pitfalls. There are many parameters to take into account so that the bank account is legal and recognized by the government and the finance department.

Online banks at the service of micro-enterprises

The vast majority of banking offers designed for businesses are designed to sole proprietorships, especially the self-employed. This is the simplest legal status and the easiest to manage for these banking establishments. It is not necessary to have a bank account with « professional » services. These are additional costs that the contractor will not use.

The microentrepreneur only seeks to have a bank account to collect the benefits of his clients, but also to have an easier to manage accounting. In recent years, the bank account separated from the personal account has become an obligation, in order to be able to trace all the bank flows that have taken place. It is a way for the business manager to facilitate his work and to be perfectly regulated with the laws currently in force.

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What does ING offer for professionals?

No offers are available for these profiles. Nevertheless, it is possible to have a current account used for business purposes. It won’t be easy for everyone. Indeed, it is important to be able to justify 1200€/month in order to benefit from it.

Opening a current account for the purposes of your professional activity is perfectly legal. You will have no difficulty.

Opening an account with ING can have some disadvantages that should be mentioned. It will not be possible to deposit cash since there is no automatic teller machine set up by ING. On the other hand, the check deposit is available, only by post. It will be recalled that it is not always guaranteed to have this sum of 1200€ which comes in every month. Without this inflow of money, the holder of the ING account may be exposed to additional costs.

In addition, opening an ING account allows you to have a French IBAN. This is important for the tax department.

Entrepreneurs who decide to open an account with ING are choosing quality and customer service that will perfectly meet their expectations. It is also the assurance of selecting one of the best online banks out there on the market.

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