Top Best Stock Market Apps For Iphone

What are the best stock market apps for iPhones?

Having information is having a formidable weapon for the world of trading, especially the stock market. Since the arrival of new tools to integrate on smartphones like the iPhone, trading has become simple and easy to do. Indeed, the appearance of an iPhone stock market application is a real boon for users and platforms such

The Bloomberg app

Available free of charge for iPhone users, the Bloomberg application provides access to a reliable and comprehensive source of information. With Bloomberg, you can find the main news, with a live overview of the performance of international indices, personality lists and also forex like the app MetaTrader. Unlike Yahoo Finance, the Bloomberg app is still quite informative, as you get valuable news as well as a brief company profile.

Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo Finance application is directly integrated into the new iPhone. Simple, effective and well done, Yahoo Finance remains the most appropriate for observing prices with a lag of 10 to 15 minutes. Only reserved for iPhones and iPads, the app is a great tool for monitoring companies, accessing news flashes and interactive graphics. Being an application for the stock market, Yahoo Finance allows you to follow the different variations in the price of shares. With access to movement history, one can make a comparison of performance with the aim of identifying market trends.

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Offering access to stock market and financial news, the application is the solution for identifying the evolution of values, financial instruments, indices and explanatory videos. offers the possibility of creating stock lists and using full-screen charts. It also allows you to create an identification with the codes established as a member of the stock market.

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The Euronext app

The app was offered free of charge by the Euronext stock exchange itself for iPhones. Euronext is designed to provide access to detailed information on international indices, share prices and especially currencies. The application features market data in the range of options and futures contracts identified on Euronext indices.

TradingSat Stock Exchange

TradingSat Bourse comes from BFM TV to offer a technique for monitoring real-time prices and related news. Even more, one can receive instantaneous alerts in relation to the value of favorite lists. By adopting the application, you benefit from the advice of analysts from TradingSat according to the graphs present.


Zonebourse remains an application known to all for the many advantages it offers such as real-time quotations, obtaining financial information minute by minute, without neglecting the graphic analysis tools. With an iPhone, you just have to switch to landscape mode for a more pleasant overview of graphics and research.

The XE Currency App

The Currency application is offered by XE to satisfy all forex enthusiasts and frequent travelers. Simple to use, Currency becomes the preferred tool for choosing the main currency and selecting the other currencies you need.

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