Passive income: how to make money without income?

Who has never dreamed of living without working? Earning money without doing anything, is it possible? Is passive income like an annuity? We tell you what this seemingly effortless income really consists of. We also give you a list of the different passive incomes that exist.

What is Passive Income?

This is a main or additional income that generates money automatically. These are regular incomes which are received without working (eg: stock dividends, royalties, income from a website, etc.). However, it would be wrong to think that passive income requires no effort. You won’t become an annuitant overnight with passive income. Reality is more complex.

How to get passive income?

There are several ways to get passive income. Most involve investing money.

Rental real estate

This is a very effective solution for obtaining a comfortable pension. However, making a property profitable requires considerable research and expertise. It takes a long time to find the right deal. This is passive income. However, you will have to manage the tenants’ problems (works, damage, repairs, painting, etc.). You may also be faced with a problem of rent payment.

The scholarship

For investing in the stock market to truly be considered passive income, you need to bet on reliable, long-term companies. The goal is to earn money from corporate dividends. This requires training on the stock market. You have to learn how to select profitable stocks. It is also important to choose the most opportune moment. Investing in the stock market will become passive income when you only have to check regularly.

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We think less about it, but photovoltaics represents an excellent passive income. Please note, before investing, do your research. There are a lot of dishonest companies trying to make money from this niche. For the investment to pay off, it is essential to buy good equipment. In the long run, this is an unstoppable good plan to generate income effortlessly.

The websites

In many cases, it is quite possible to obtain passive income through your website. It can be a simple blog. The trick is to carry out the affiliate product. If you have expertise in a particular area, you can also sell training or e-books. Namely, this kind of activity still requires a certain reactivity. You will have to write articles, make videos… This can quickly become time-consuming.

Niche sites are also a good plan to earn easy money. These commercial sites are specialized in a very specific field, sometimes very specialized. You can earn money through affiliate advertising. The advantage of the niche site is that it does not need to be updated regularly. If it is well positioned on search engines, it can generate money while remaining idle.

Passive Income Ideas

There are other passive investments with little risk. Among them, life insurance. Over the long term, it is an attractive investment. Today, it is also possible to invest your money in different products such as wine.

The other idea is to use crowdfunding platforms. To start, bet a small amount in a project you believe in. Small businesses are also seeking investors. You can bet on start-ups and generate income if the business does well. These are real passive investments because you will have absolutely nothing to do.

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Living on passive income remains a dream for most of us. Earning money through an investment remains within everyone’s reach, provided you make the right choices. Take the time to assess the risks and don’t bet everything on one project. Before putting your money into investments, get information from specialists.

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