Professional transfer: organize your move well

A professional transfer or a career change forces you to move to another city? The move must be carefully prepared to avoid stress: it is important to show up for your new job on time. You will need to quickly search for your new accommodation, and take care to carry out all the administrative procedures relating to your change of address. If you still have a salaried job, or if you don’t have the time to take care of it, it may be a good idea to contact a moving professional to make things easier.

Notify in advance of your move

When you leave your current accommodation, you are obliged to inform your landlord if you are renting. Legally, the notice must be given within 3 months prior to your departure. On the other hand, if you move because of professional transfer or dismissal, you are entitled to one month notice.

In any case, take care to give your notice as soon as possible, even before you have found your accommodation, to protect yourself from paying double rent.

Find out about the destination region

If your transfer takes place in a city or district that is unknown to you, it is important that you carry out research concerning its real estate situation. Think of look for accommodation near your new offices, or which is served by transport providing a link. Find out about the average rents there, the presence of local shops in the neighborhoods you are targeting, etc. This preparation is all the more important if you are moving with your family.

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Hire a moving professional

Remember to find out about the cost of your transfer by requesting a quote for a move from a professional. Call on a moving specialist can actually be useful if you have a large volume to move, fragile items, and especially no time to manage the transfer if you are still in business. The latter will be able to make available all the means necessary for packaging and transportation of your personal effects. Real professionals will systematically offer you guarantees on any damage caused to objects during the move, as well as the assembly/disassembly of furniture, or even their transfer by furniture lift if the equipment on site is not suitable.

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moving professional

Contacting a professional mover will also ensure a quick and stress-free move. To be sure to benefit from a moving service at the best price, you can contact several professionals at the same time to compare their quotes.

Administrative procedures

Certain administrative formalities must be carried out when you change your address. Therefore, as soon as your new address is confirmed, you will have to inform your bank as well as other entities that are likely to send you mail, such as the tax office for example.

The transfer can also be an opportunity to modify or terminate your contracts with your gas and electricity suppliers if you wish it. You will have to terminate your water subscription at your departure residence, when you move, and open a new one in the arrival one. As for home insurance, this can also be terminated during your move if necessary, but you can also transfer it to your new accommodation.

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