Which payment terminal for Stripe?

Thanks to the Internet, the business concept has a new face. In the past, you had to have a place to carry out your activities. But today, with online businesses, having a physical headquarters is no longer a necessity. To carry out the different transactions, the owners of the online businesses make use of different services. Among these services, Stripe occupies an important place in the market and facilitates web payments in all countries.

Founded in 2011, Stripe is a company that has several locations scattered around the world and employs more than 1,600 employees. It has a large network made up of millions of users among which one can find freelancers, nascent start-ups as well as large corporations. Stripe is very easy to use and configure. It is a high-performance instrument that works wonderfully on the French and European market in general. However, an important question arises: how to collect this virtual money?

What are the benefits of Stripe?

Stripe is a web-based payment solution for online businesses. It was created to help e-commerce players to develop better and to make their internal or external processes more efficient. As we stated above, millions of Internet users have chosen Stripe to facilitate the purchase transactions of their customers for their online commerce. This payment solution is very beneficial for digital merchants since it allows to drop the concept of the abandoned cart, which represents a real negative indicator on customer conversions.

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Stripe is suitable for developers and allows you to have real flexibility in order to be able to adapt the solution to your business. This tool allows you to offer a means of payment, a subscription device, a marketplace, an e-commerce and even a crowdfunding interface.

Moreover, this solution turns out to be permanent. The goal is to provide a platform that is revolutionary and at the cutting edge of technology to ensure a better experience for users. For this, new options are constantly being offered. Such performances are possible thanks to the various teams that are present in the company and that implement all the means to guarantee a satisfactory result for all.

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Features offered by Stripe

Stripe allows you to create your own payment platform For the validation and execution of payments from members of your clientele, it is essential that you present them with a reliable platform. Thanks to its functionality PaymentsStripe allows you to integrate a payment solution on your site or to a marketplace.

For this, payment solutions such as web wallets and cards can be used in many currencies. In addition, you can integrate your payment solution for use on mobile devices. To ensure the security of this payment platform, an interface allows you to manage disputes. Therefore, you will be able to secure your payment methods and reassure your customers.

In addition, Stripe gives you access to a set of instruments to develop recurring payment models. This feature is beneficial for both B2B and B2C customers. Thanks to Stripe Billing, you offer your customers the opportunity to pay their bills when it suits them. You therefore have the choice between recurring or one-off invoices. This option will help you significantly reduce the percentage of cart abandonment or declined payment. The Stripe tool also offers other features such as Stripe Connect, Stripe Sigma and Stripe Radar to help you improve your payment platform and make it more convenient for your customers.

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Which terminal to choose to collect your money on Stripe?

On the market, no terminal is compatible with the Stripe tool. However, you don’t have to worry! The company has developed its own terminal to collect money physically. This is Stripe Terminal.

This terminal was designed to allow digital merchants to be present in the physical market. The goal is to offer them the possibility of collecting the money in a real way. This terminal has been manufactured for the unification of payments made in e-commerce and in the physical store. In this way, the owner will be able to carry out the analysis of his activities easily taking into account all the information.

Stripe Terminal is connected to an application hosted on Stripe’s servers. These elements are very important to successfully optimize the customer experience and give users the opportunity to benefit from a simple and fluid purchasing process. For example, a customer can make a reservation for a product online and buy it both online and at a physical point of sale.

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