4 alternative methods to lose weight

Weight loss is not always an easy experience. We imagine it as a source of frustration and insurmountable sporting efforts. However, even if some dietary and physical efforts will have to be made, you can facilitate your approach by adopting alternative methods that will help you live your goal more serenely.

hypnosis, a gentle way to lose weight

A hypnotherapist aims to gently accompany you in your desire to lose weight. Its actions will aim to eliminate your sudden urges to eat when the body does not need it. This type of compulsive behavior unfortunately leads to overweight, even obesity, because the body will store everything it does not really need.

Hypnosis is a very positive method because you live an interactive experience with your therapist, while remaining in control of the situation, retaining your free will. The goal is simple: to channel the unconscious cravings for food that lie dormant in you, to overcome them thanks to the work of the hypnotherapist. But then, how to lose weight through hypnosis?

Conduct of a hypnosis session

During a session, you are gently brought to a state of deep relaxation. To do this, the therapist gives you suggestions in a gentle way, which gradually lead to a state of extreme relaxation.

By immersing yourself in this state of serenity, you will gradually be able to reach the answers sought (where does your trouble come from?), as well as the resources that will be necessary to reach them. ‘Cause all the questions lie within us, just find the cause of evil to defeat it, and this is where hypnosis is of great help. Stress, compensation, depression, whatever the problem at the origin of your weight gain, you will gradually go back to the source to overcome it.

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Thus, progressive weight gain, bulimia, anorexia or sugar addiction can find their solution in this alternative practice, which will accompany you gently in your slimming process.

weight loss hypnosis

Acupuncture to help reduce appetite

The purpose of acupuncture is to act on rebalancing the flow of energy. Placed in strategic places, needles (guaranteed painless!) reduce appetite by acting on what causes your stress or your bouts of blues, which themselves generate your cravings. It is a complementary therapy particularly popular with overweight people, both for its recognized effectiveness and for the natural side of the process.

How does acupuncture work?

Before starting an acupuncture session, the practitioner will take the time toestablish an energy diagnosis and to define the wishes of the patient, in order to target the points adapted to his approach.

The strategic points targeted by each small needle stimulate the energy sought to act on the symptoms or the cause of your weight gain. No fear, an acupuncture session is painless, because the needles are inserted on the surface of the skin, on the meridian points.

A session lasts only 20 to 40 minutes, during which the acupuncturist places the needles strategically. Each session will be adapted according to the patient’s reactions and the evolution of his situation in terms of weight loss.

Qigong, chinese meditation

Acupuncture, derived from Chinese medicine, can be combined with a form of meditation from the same origin: Qi Gong. This practice allows untie parts of the body that may be responsible for weight gain. Thus, according to the diagnosis of your acupuncturist or your hypnotherapist on the origin of your disorder, this discipline could possibly prove to be adapted to your own needs.

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How is Qigong practiced?

Overweight problems may be due to digestive and emotional disturbances. This dysfunction causes the blockage of energy which can no longer circulate freely in the body. The practice of Qi Gong aims to release this space, and therefore the related emotions.

It consists of makingwide full movements aimed at unblocking both the pelvis and the abdomen, which are generally the centers of blockages. Qigong also includes meditative exercises, where we work a lot on breathing. These targeted exercises amplify the work of the diaphragm, with the aim of unblocking both the digestive system and the emotions.

How can we lose weight like this, you will tell us? The practice itself will not make you lose weight. However, it will allow you to relax both your body and your mind, in order to live your diet more serenely. You will then be able to undertake a better diet, sports, hypnosis and acupuncture sessions, without stress: you are freed from the physical and mental constraints that oppressed you and prevented you from reaching a state of mind conducive to loss. weight.

Herbal medicine to burn fat naturally

Associated with a healthy and rebalanced diet, many plants are known for their ability to burn fat. Among them are, in particular, orange peel, as well as orthosiphon. The latter, also called Java tea, participates in the drainage of water retention and toxins.

We also appreciate the action of the virgin tea, which acts directly on lipids, while controlling appetite. A great way to lose fat, while avoiding accumulating more. However, this approach must be accompanied by a strong will: that of not jumping on food. This is where it can be interesting to combine this plant with the technique of hypnosis which, by detecting the causes of your cravings for food, also helps to find the solutions.

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The work is also a major ally in a weight loss objective: it has a diuretic, depurative and remineralizing action. Dandelion also has a diuretic effect, and the mulberrywhich can be consumed in the form of herbal tea, regulates blood sugar.

At last, green tea is to consume with pleasure when you want to lose weight, because it slows down the assimilation of lipids and carbohydrates.

Plants are great slimming allies, and by combining them wisely with a healthy and balanced diet, they will accompany you effectively and naturally towards the much sought-after weight loss!

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