Basal cell carcinoma: natural treatments

Among skin cancers, it is the most widespread but also the most benign. Indeed, unlike other skin cancers, basal cell carcinoma does not metastasize. Moreover, apart from traditional medicine, there are alternative methods to treat this disease. Among them, cryotherapy or cold treatment. Also discover the right preventive measures to apply to avoid the risk of skin cancer. Besides prolonged exposure to the sun, there are other possible causes explaining the occurrence of the cancerous tumor. We tell you all about basal cell carcinoma and the natural remedies to protect against it.

What is basal cell carcinoma?

A carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. However, carcinoma is less serious than melanoma. There are three different groups of carcinomas: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell (or squamous) carcinoma and adnexal carcinoma. Each of the carcinomas develop from keratinocytes. These are cells of the epidermis.

Regarding basal cell carcinoma, it represents 40,000 to 50,000 new cases per year in France. In addition, it is the most common skin cancer, but also the least serious. Indeed, it does not cause metastases, unlike other skin cancers.

On the other hand, basal cell carcinoma concerns the basal layer, which is the deepest part of the epidermis. This skin cancer results from intensive and repeated exposure to the sun, especially during childhood. But the disease does not appear until later. Generally, it is diagnosed around the age of 50 when the skin manifests a lesion of several millimeters.

Finally, be aware that a distinction must be made between superficial basal cell carcinoma, which presents little risk, nodular carcinoma, of intermediate risk, and infiltrating basal cell carcinoma (advanced form).


The occurrence of basal cell carcinoma is due to excessive and repeated exposure to the sun, which has caused sunburn. It then appears an outgrowth in the form of a pearl of a few millimeters. It is painless, firm and translucent. Its red color comes from the presence of small vessels.

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After a few months or years, a scab may form. The edges of the cancerous growth sometimes thicken and turn pearly white. The cancerous tumor may also bleed, form a scab and then heal. Wrongly, we can take cancer for a simple wound.

On the other hand, each group of basal cell carcinoma has a different appearance. Superficial basal cell carcinomas, for example, appear as thin red or pink patches.

The causes

In addition to intensive and repeated exposure to the sun, there are risk factors. Faced with the sun, everyone does not run the same risk of developing skin cancer.

Among the aggravating factors are:

  • First, people who find it difficult to tan and who easily get sunburn are the first to be affected. It is therefore appropriate for them to remain particularly vigilant during exposure to UV rays from the sun;
  • radiotherapy;
  • chronic skin diseases such as leg ulcers;
  • burn scars;
  • a breakdown in immunity caused by illness or taking immunosuppressants.

Natural Treatments for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Prevent the risk of skin cancer

The prevention of basal cell carcinoma relies mainly on reasonable sun exposure and effective skin protection.

In this sense, it is recommended to educate children and adolescents about the risk of developing skin cancer. Prevention and protection measures must be taken to avoid any risk.

This requires good gestures:

  • protect yourself from the sun with suitable equipment and clothing: hat, long-sleeved clothing, trousers, anti-UV fabric, absence of necklines, etc.;
  • use sunscreens adapted to the type of skin and apply them correctly. Take a sunscreen with a high protection factor against ultraviolet rays A and B;
  • apply your sunscreen twenty minutes before exposing yourself to UV rays and repeat the operation every two hours or after swimming;
  • avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours, i.e. between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.;
  • also prohibit sunbathing;
  • Finally, look for the shade instead!
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Monitor your skin regularly

It is best to monitor your skin closely to report any suspicious lesions to a dermatologist. Make sure the lesions do not change in size, bleed, or ulcerate.

The dermatologist will carry out a thorough examination of the skin and, if necessary, a biopsy of the lesion for analysis.


In case of superficial basal cell carcinoma, know that you can resort to a treatment based on photosensitizing ointment and light irradiation. These methods allow the destruction of the tumor. This is called dynamic phototherapy.


Cold treatment can be an effective solution to treat superficial basal cell carcinoma. This consists of projecting a jet of liquid nitrogen on the lesion. The cold then completely destroys it.

Note that cryotherapy is a painless technique. Therefore, it is performed without anesthesia. The treated person only feels a pinching sensation during the projection.

It is the dermatologist who performs the application for about thirty seconds. Usually he does two. The lesion then takes the form of a crust, which falls off a few days later.

Home remedies to avoid carcinoma

In the natural remedy section, there are solutions to prevent the degeneration of skin cancer:

  • the mask based on baking soda and exfoliant;
  • a bath with oat powder (a little) mixed with whole milk (the equivalent of a few bowls);
  • a scrub of sugar, cider vinegar and coconut or olive oil.

Finally, it is necessary to dispel received ideas! Food supplements with beta-carotene or UV sessions in tanning booths do not provide any protection against sunburn and the risk of developing skin carcinoma.

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