What equipment to secure your home optimally?

According to a report from the Ministry of the Interior, there was more than one burglary per minute in France in 2019. This report bears witness to the worrying increase in the number of acts of burglary in France in recent years. In this context, what should be done to effectively secure your home? This is what we are going to discover in this article.

Opt for an IP camera for effective surveillance at all times

The Internet Protocol (IP) camera is a device ultra modern which facilitates the remote video surveillance. You just need to install it in a suitable place and you will receive real-time images from your IP camera via your smartphone or tablet. You can also control it remotely (activate/deactivate).

To work, it only needsa good connection Internet. Its IP address allows it to be accessed from any remote device connected to the Internet. You can also configure it so that the images are stored on your PC or on a digital recorder. This evidence can help the police in the event of an investigation.

There are a multitude of IP cameras on the market that have various features. To do this, you must choose your IP camera carefully to ensure that it offers a sufficient level of performance to secure a home. For example, here are some of the features that a good quality IP camera should have:

  • Sharp image resolution (full HD);
  • Backlight function (Wide Dynamic Range);
  • 80 degree monitoring angle at least;
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
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Install opening contactors and vibration sensors

These devices are effective in preventing intrusion through windows or doors. When you activate your opening sensor placed on windows and doors, the alarm goes off spontaneously in case of opening.

As for the vibration sensors, they are sensitive to noise produced by picking locks or forcing a bay window. They instantly alert you to suspicious vibrations and sounds.

Use a GSM transmitter

This equipment is useful for reporting any intrusion by sending SMS to several people. It is possible to insert a SIM card and preset numbers to which SMS will be sent in the event of a break-in.

Invest in armored doors and windows

Generally, burglars enter a house by forcing a door or a window. So reinforce the resistance of your entrances. Prefer one fully armored door, designed only with metal. Its very solid structure makes it impossible to break into.

Make the same choice for your windows too.

Opt for a burglar-proof lock

If you are unable to completely change your door, you can opt for a burglar-proof lock. With this device, your front door will be considerably reinforced and will be very difficult to pick.

Install 4-point security bars for shutters

By equipping your swing shutters with 4-point security bars, you optimize their burglary resistance. It will be very difficult for a thief to crack the lock and easily enter your home without being noticed.

That’s it, you now know all the equipment you need to optimally secure your home! All you have to do is take action.

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