Cod liver oil: the benefits

Disgusting in its smell and taste, cod liver oil has many health benefits. Find out which ones, as well as all the secrets of this exceptional product. Where does cod liver oil come from? What substances does it contain? And why should we consume it regularly? All the answers in this article.

Where does cod liver oil come from?

As its name suggests, cod liver oil comes from this species of fish also called cod. Cod is typical of the North Seas.

To obtain the oil, the livers must be steamed and then crushed. They are then decanted in order to extract the oil.

If this product has been so renowned and known since the Viking era, it is because it turns out very rich in nutrients, which are difficult to obtain in our current diet. By the way, to keep the body healthy, it is recommended to consume a tablespoon of cod liver oil once a day.

What does it contain?

Cod liver oil contains several substances, hence its nutritional importance:

  • the vitamin D proves to be good for bone growth, as well as muscles and the heart. The substance also proves to be beneficial for the intestines and the kidneys. Indeed, it absorbs calcium and phosphorus;
  • the vitamin A which participates in the maintenance of the skin, mucous membranes and normal vision. In combination with vitamin D, the substance also contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system;
  • I’omega-3 fatty acid. These are essential fatty acids for health. In addition to its beneficial functions for eyesight and the brain, it also has positive effects on teeth, hair, nails and skin.
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Its health properties

Thanks to the combined effect of vitamin D and omega-3, cod liver oil provides strong, shiny and supple hair. A good beauty ally!

On the other hand, people who consume this product daily take care of their skin. In fact, cod liver oil helps prevent skin aging and protects against acne and sun damage.

Then, cod liver oil helps maintain good bones and prevents joint stiffness due to aging.

Finally, the product has other health benefits. In particular, it reduces blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, overcomes heart, arthritic and neurological disorders… Cod liver oil also prevents blood clotting, and even nervous breakdowns…

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How to consume it?

Admittedly, cod liver oil has multiple health benefits, but its taste and smell can put off. So how do you consume it?

If you don’t mind its appearance, you can consume the oil pure, directly from a spoon. Otherwise, there are also capsules that are easier to absorb. The dosage varies according to weight and age.

Finally, it is recommended to buy high quality cod liver oil, trusting reputable brands.

To note : side effects may appear after consuming cod liver oil. Among them, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite. You should also seek the advice of your doctor before proceeding with a cure with cod liver oil. Indeed, the product is not compatible with medicines or foods that thin the blood, or that contain vitamins A and D (risk of overdose).

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