Dermapigmentation of the eyebrows: the guide

Not full enough, asymmetrical… Although discreet, the eyebrows represent an important area of ​​the face. Indeed, well-shaped eyebrows can illuminate a look. To have a perfect line, it is possible to use a new technique: dermopigmentation. Find out what it consists of and the different techniques to have harmonious eyebrows. We tell you all about the prices charged as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this semi-permanent tattoo.

What is that ?

Dermapigmentation is a non-invasive aesthetic medicine technique. It is also called (semi-) permanent makeup or medical tattooing.

Unlike hair removal, which consists of removing unwanted hair to shape the eyebrows, dermopigmentation gives density while creating a perfect line. This is a rebalancing.

The different techniques

The first step is to trace the eyebrow in pencil. Then, the pigment is implanted under the epidermis using extremely fine needles. Note, this technique is mainly used when the eyebrows appear to be very sparsely filled or in the event of an asymmetry problem.

The other technique is done in two sessions. The first is dedicated to tattooing. Then, the second comes three to four weeks later. It allows to correct or re-pigment the areas that need it. And since dermopigmentation is an ephemeral tattoo, you have to make regular touch-ups.

Namely, the dyes are implanted using an electrical device, which has one or more needles. The needles are all disposable to avoid any risk of contamination.

There are also two methods of permanent eyebrow makeup:

  • the filling which offers a result similar to the eyebrow pencil;
  • the hair to hair, more natural, reproduces the outline of your eyebrow hairs. With this method, you can be quiet for up to four years.
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The benefits of skin pigmentation

Dermapigmentation is a simple and effective solution for:

  • have full and well-balanced eyebrows. This technique helps to redraw the eyebrow area by enlarging and intensifying the look;
  • rework the shape of the eyebrows and make the face more harmonious;
  • hide a scar or other small defects present in the eyebrow line.

The inconvenients

The result is not not immediate. Indeed, for a few hours after the session, the eyebrow area will be reddened. And for several days, the eyebrows will be rather dark, before lightening over time.

On the other hand, a small crust can be observed. It is due to the rejection of excess pigment, as well as scarring. She disappeared in about three weeks.

Then, the dermopigmentation does not last over time. Depending on the person, the result of the operation is only visible between three months and a year. And you have to do regular touch-ups every six months or so.

Finally, it happens that the dermopigmentation of the eyebrows does not produce the expected effect. Misfires can be caused by a problem with the shape or color of the eyebrow. The result can turn gray in dark skin, or red, in light skin.

And some people also have allergies to the pigment (itching, swelling). Before you start, it is therefore important to choose the right professional. Go to a doctor rather than a beauty salon. And to guarantee the minimum risk of allergic reaction, pigments or dyes with “Medical Implants” approval and CE certified should be used.

The price

The prices charged in medical practices and beauty salons are quite similar. For a dermopigmentation of the face, it is necessary to count between 250 and 400 euros. Generally, alterations are included in the price.

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Is it painful?

The perception of pain depends on each person. Some will feel slight tingling during dermopigmentation. Conversely, others will need an anesthetic cream to relieve pain, to be applied one hour before the session.

However, a dermopigmentation session remains less painful than that of an artistic tattoo. Indeed, the needles do not sink with the same depth into the dermis.

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