What color for a master bedroom?

Do you want to redo your room by changing the color of the walls? Before attacking the work, it is better to reflect on the choice of colors. Depending on your desires, discover the colors to favor in a sleeping area. We take stock together of the different tones possible in a parental suite. Blue, green, purple, pastel, natural colors… Follow our decorative tips for successfully decorating the room. All the answers to the question « what color for a natural bedroom? » « .

Master bedroom: neutral colors or bright shades?

What color for a master bedroom? This question is worth asking before starting the renovation work in the room. Indeed, not all shades are suitable in a bedroom for parents. It is also necessary to take into account your tastes but also the atmosphere that you want to give to your sleeping area.

But generally, it is not advisable to adopt bright and stimulating colors in any bedroom, whether it is a sleeping area for children or a parental suite. It would prevent you from falling asleep. And in the early morning, you might be nervous. Forget the red, the color of fire, as well as the orange, too vitaminized.

On the other hand, in a master bedroom, it is better to opt for neutral shades. They will make the space cozy. Among the suitable tones, there is beige, white, cream, ecru, ochre, grey… All these shades are easy to use in furniture or decorative accessory versions. For example, a section of wall colored in gray can harmonize without problem with a pretty white headboard.

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What color for a master bedroom? Blue?

In a boy’s room, blue remains timeless. But can this great classic find its place in a master bedroom?

In reality, blue isn’t just for kids. Like green, it is a soothing and restful shade, perfect in a sleeping area. If light blue is more appropriate in a baby’s room, on the other hand, there are other tones that easily invite themselves into a parental suite.

Turn to indigo, navy blue, petrol blue, for example. These colors invite escape and force the imagination. The color can be adopted as a total look or only on a section of the wall. Then combine blue with other lighter and brighter colors such as white, ecru, cream… A linen bed set or beautiful window curtains will bring clarity to the room.

The green, Zen painting in a parental suite?

Green is the Zen color par excellence. Partly because it is reminiscent of nature. Like blue, it is a soothing cold color that is ideal in a child’s, teenager’s or adult’s room. This nuance allows you to find the calm necessary for sleep.

In a master bedroom, it is easy to create a beautiful harmony using the palette of greens. Moreover, green and blue unite perfectly, in association or not with white.

On the other hand, depending on your desires, you can adopt a shade of green (khaki green, water green, forest green…). Sage green, on the other hand, is particularly trendy in interior decoration. It combines easily with a touch of powder pink for a romantic atmosphere, a little « flower of the fields ». If you prefer classic as a color for a master bedroom, unite sage green with gray blue instead.

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What pastel shades in the parents’ bedroom?

Pastel colors aren’t just for babies and toddlers’ rooms. They can perfectly decorate the walls of a master bedroom. These are soft and luminous shades that invite you to relax. Think old pink, soft yellow, lavender blue or water green.

And to recall the color of the wall covering, distill a few accessories in the same colors (bedside lamp, bed cushion, etc.). With its Scandinavian style, your room will be perfect for cocooning.

A natural color for a master bedroom

Natural shades are ideal for a master bedroom. Indeed, they are soft and enveloping, conducive to falling asleep. Among the natural colors, opt for beige, sand or cream enhanced with a hint of brown. Timeless, these shades invite calm and a return to basics.

Thus, by choosing these colors in terms of paint, you will ensure a serene environment for your nights. And on the other hand, lighter tones visually enlarge a room and brighten up a space that lacks natural light. It is therefore an ideal solution if your master bedroom is small or dark.

Decoration advice : to make the atmosphere even warmer, combine the color of the walls with natural accessories. It can be a cane headboard, a rattan armchair or a wicker or bamboo suspension, for example.

Adopt a total white look in an adult bedroom

What color for a master bedroom? And why not white? This shade is perfect for an intimate space. It diffuses at the same time light, freshness and neutrality, all the ingredients necessary for a good quality of sleep.

However, there is a pitfall to avoid. It is absolutely necessary to proscribe the impersonal and sanitized atmosphere. Your parental room should not look like that of a hospital. If you choose to paint the walls of your suite white, plan for colorful accessories to break up the immaculate image of the room. It can be a pretty bed set in pastel colors (light blue, water green, powder pink, etc.), for example.

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In a white bedroom, the choice of furniture can also contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. To bring depth to the room, bet on dark tones such as pine green or midnight blue. Also forget cold materials and favor warm and comforting materials such as wood, rattan, wicker, bamboo, cane, etc. In addition to warming up the atmosphere, these natural materials will bring authenticity to your room.

purple, the perfect color for sleep?

Purple is also a color to favor in a master bedroom. It soothes and at the same time gives elegance and femininity to a room. There are different tones: dark purple, aubergine, lilac, parma…

Purple harmonizes easily with other tones such as green, pale pink or off-white to bring brightness to the room. If you paint the walls of the bedroom purple, then bet on accessories in light colors so as not to visually overload the place. The sleeping area must continue to breathe. For a note green full of freshness, the trick is to add a few green plants to the decor.

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