Ehpad sharing platform for remote families

For several weeks now, it has been a topical subject that has come up frequently in all the media in France and Navarre. COVID 19 has generated an unprecedented crisis situation in nursing homes, retirement homes and senior residences. Confinement is in order and families can no longer visit their ancestors. The creation of a secure sharing space for these establishments makes it possible to maintain the link despite the confinement.

Keep in touch with the elderly

For a large number of nursing home and nursing home residents who do not regularly see their children and grandchildren, the feeling of isolation is part of everyday life. Indeed, many distant families do not necessarily have the opportunity to visit their parents or grandparents.

It is however very important to keep the link between families and these elderly people who, over time, experience a strong sense of isolation. If the staff of these establishments do their utmost to give them joie de vivre and keep their morale high, nothing beats news from families.

Ehpad Securise blog

For several weeks, the confinement of all nursing homes, senior residences and medical establishments has further reinforced this feeling of abandonment. Many residents are lost and do not necessarily understand everything that is going on during this pandemic period.

Of course, the visio sessions on Skype with families keep a minimum of links, but their limited frequency and an organization that is difficult to put in place causes lack and sadness among the residents. Keeping a link with each of the families is far from obvious.

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A private photo & video space

To fill this lack of news from residents and families alike, the creation of a private sharing space offers a complementary solution to establishments. EHPADBLOG.COM allows you to create a secure photo & video space in which the iPad can regularly share with the families of residents.

In a few clicks, the ehpad blog is created, the administrator can publish photo albums, video messages for families, add documents or notes concerning the establishment’s news. Everything published is private and not accessible to the public. Families are the only ones able to connect to the private space and to be able to view photos and videos.

Private Photo Space Ehpad

Blog For Ehpad Photo Sharing

Easy to use and secure

The platform of private blogs for retirement homes is of great interest to the establishment as well as to the families who will receive news. The use is very simplified and families do not need to create an account. A very well-designed administration area allows you to manage photo and video albums, create a trombinoscope, customize the graphics or even manage passwords for families.

Create Blog Ehpad Administration

All blogs are secure: by posting photos and videos on the private blog, you are guaranteed to protect the image rights of residents and staff appearing in the photos.

Unlike Facebook or other American social networks, the image rights are respected, personal data not used and there is no advertising.

Finally, the blog can be managed (and also viewed) from any computer, tablet or from a smartphone. The service is ideal for sharing securely with distant families or for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown.

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