Why should we protect our children from blue light?

Household homes are now hyper-equipped with screens and LED lighting systems, yet blue light is becoming the source of many risks for vision. Children are the most vulnerable to this light, as they spend more and more time near screens. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures for the health of children.

The problems caused by the screens

The screens do not evoke any visual disturbance in children. On the other hand, the intensive use of screens generates many symptoms such as tired eyes, tingling, dry eyes, headaches… We must not forget that screens are at the origin of various musculoskeletal disorders accompanied by pain in the shoulder, back and neck. These disorders lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis of the shoot for texting enthusiasts.

It is important to clarify that the symptoms do not only correspond to children and adolescents. These symptoms are also encountered in adults who spend most of their time on various screens, whether smartphones, TV, computer, tablet, etc.

Why is blue light dangerous?

Blue light is known to be part of the visible spectrum because it remains effective at color balance. The elimination of this wave turns out to be impossible, because it is useful. In recent years, lights generally use LED bulbs that emit blue light. These bulbs have established themselves and become ubiquitous in the environment such as public lighting, housing, in the workplace, especially in the presence of screens.

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Now children are more exposed to blue light both in intensity and duration. Studies have established that blue light is more toxic in children. The lens of children allows a large part of the blue light to pass to the retina.

Protect children from this blue light

Parents can take a few actions that will help protect their children from the effects of blue light. At home, we must start by favoring LED bulbs that have a low intensity or those of warm white color. Compared to street lights and screens, light bulbs are the main sources of artificial blue light.
Parents have the ability to limit the use of screens by their children, especially teenagers. You can also offer glasses that filter blue light and ensure that children are placed at a reasonable distance from screens. Be sure to adjust the brightness of the room when it is necessary to use the screens. Finally, turning off screens is recommended to get a good night’s sleep.

In short, each French household currently has 6 to 4 screens spread over games, smartphone, tablet or computer. However, abusing screens causes harmful effects on the health of children due to blue light. It is therefore important to protect children from this light.

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