Health benefits of having a cat

Our little furry animals are much more than everyday companions. Cats are also therapeutic! You read that right, and it’s even been proven, cats are good for your health. Lower blood pressure, beneficial effects on your heart, on your morale… A brief overview of all the health benefits that our friends the cats have.

The effects of cats on your physical condition

Having the presence of a cat by your side on a daily basis would have benefits on your blood pressure, your stress but also on your heart.

Its effects on your blood pressure

In case of stress, annoyance, nervousness for one reason or another, our blood pressure increases. To calm down, nothing better than petting an animal! With its soft fur and purrs, the cat has a soothing effect on your body. You immediately feel more zen, more relaxed and rested.

An animal that does not bring stress

A cat is an independent and discreet animal. Indeed, many pets can be a source of additional stress for their owner. This is not the case of the cat, which is an animal that requires little maintenance, as much for its litter as for feeding it and taking care of it.

Other multiple benefits on the body

Finally, it has been proven by researchers in the United States that cats have many benefits on our heart. It would thus reduce its owner’s risk of heart attack or stroke. Similarly, cats reduce the risk of colds, headaches, back problems and even improve bone strength.

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The effects of the cat on your mind

If the benefits of the cat on your physical condition are difficult to demonstrate, the effects on morale are well established. All cat owners agree on the same point: their little ball of hair is for them like a pillar of their psychological health. It is a presence they can no longer do without, which soothes them, reassures them, makes them happy. Whether you live alone, as a couple or with others, and regardless of your age, the cat will be an ideal companion for your emotional stability.

An anti-loneliness animal

Living alone can be very difficult, and loneliness can quickly set in on the individual. For many people, loneliness can lead to an unstable emotional state, depression or even depression. Whatever breed of cat you choose, it is an animal with which you will develop a certain bond, a daily companion that you will be happy to find in the evening at home. A presence is essential to fight against the first signs of depression.

Its benefits on your morale

The cat is also a perfect companion for the elderly, children or the sick. His presence helps us to see things on the bright side, to put life into perspective. It will simply cheer us up. The child (but also the adult!) can even find in him a confidant, a friend to tell his days or his secrets.

The presence of a cat in your life will allow you to reduce your stress, your heart health, your blood pressure, and more generally to improve your morale. However, getting a pet is never a decision to be taken lightly. A cat requires time, attention and patience. If you want to take a pet, think about it well before and if you are sure of yourself, then take the plunge! Doctors can only advise you.

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