How to choose your electricity supplier?

Since 2007, electricity offers are no longer reserved for EDF and have diversified considerably thanks to the opening up to competition. Thanks to this liberalization of the market, the consumer is now able to choose his electricity supplier. Nevertheless, how can you be sure of finding the contract best suited to your situation?

Customize your electricity supplier offer using a comparator!

Strictly speaking, there is no “ideal contract” in terms of electricity, because a good offer is above all an offer that meets the expectations of its customer. However, each customer has a different profile, because everyone necessarily uses an electricity supplier to supply their home.

The expectations and needs of customers are therefore not the same, and this is why they do not base themselves on the same criteria to assess the quality of an offer. Some customers want to take advantage of a low-cost offer as a priority, others prefer to subscribe to an eco-responsible offer…

Regardless of consumers’ personal requirements, their energy needs are also very diverse. Indeed, a person living alone in a 2-room apartment does not consume as much as a family with several children residing in a house, so they do not need the same type of contract.

The most important thing is therefore to subscribe to a personalized offer according to their profile. To find a personalized offer with the best possible price-quality ratio, it is recommended to compare the offers of electricity suppliers using an online comparator. Many sites, such as, are free and allow you to find 100% personalized offers. Simply fill out an online form so that the comparator can establish what type of customer profile is, and this allows him to make a selection of various offers that meet his expectations.

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In addition, using an online comparator is also very effective when it is difficult to define what type of profile it is (small consumer, average consumer, etc.).

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What changes to expect with a new electricity supplier?

Once you have chosen your new supplier, the change is very simple. All you have to do is contact him by phone or on the Internet, and ask for his subscription.

Changing electricity supplier has absolutely no impact on the quality of service provided and avoids seeing your electricity bill suddenly increase. The consumer benefits from the same service as before his change, and the only difference applies to the price of the contract, at the time when EDF’s tariffs continue to skyrocket. Changing electricity supplier makes it possible to benefit from a less expensive contract with equal service, because it is distributed independently, regardless of who supplies it.

Change can thus be done with easeand without any interruption of service.

The technical service is also completely identical to that with EDF, whether in terms of repairs or any other intervention.

All offers are non-binding and allow you to change your mind at any time. If the electricity supplier is not satisfied, it is perfectly possible to return to EDF or another competing offer.

Faced with the rise in EDF prices, it is therefore quite possible to turn to another supplier, allowing you to benefit from the same service for a lower price. The ideal way to find an advantageous offer in terms of tariffs and well suited to their expectations is to use an online comparator, which directs the consumer in his search for the best electricity supplier.

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