Which fruits have virtues to fight against aging

No one doubts the health benefits of fruits. They’re packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins of all types, and anti-anxiety drugs. However, some play very specific roles. This is the case, for example, with fruits which have virtues to fight against aging. What are they ?


Berries are always cited when it comes to taking stock of the foods richest in vitamins. They are generally fleshy and contain seeds. In this broad category, we can distinguish false berries, single berries and berries with several ovules. Many fruits are contained in these subcategories:

The tomato

The tomato is used in a number of aesthetic institutes. Not only does it act directly on the skin through its purifying and exfoliating effect, but the tomato is also able to firm and nourish the latter when it is regularly consumed.

The strawberries

Take as much as you can if your goal is to delay aging as much as possible. Strawberries slow the progression of your wrinkles. Like the tomato, they are rich in fiber and antioxidants.

The blueberries

The bluet or cornflower is grayish green in color with a very velvety appearance. It grows mainly in North America. This berry has become almost rare, but you will have no trouble finding it in supermarkets.

Apart from these few berries, you can also turn to the grapes and the blueberries. Do not neglect watermelons and the arums, they are just as suitable. What to say about the papaya, from lingonberries, from raspberries, from cherries and kiwi fruit ? They are delicious and besides, consuming them in very large quantities will only make you younger.

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The virtues of the lawyer are no longer to present. These have been on display so much that this fruit is not unknown to anyone when it comes to skin and facial care. Avocado is indeed a collagen activator. Collagen, this structural protein, is essential for the good health of the epidermis. Apart from this virtue, avocado makes the skin smooth and is therefore a natural anti-wrinkle agent. It also contains phytosterols which help reduce bad cholesterol. As for the oleic acid, which is not lacking, it increases the good cholesterol in the body of the person who consumes it. Vitamins E, D and C with which it is provided are ideal for effectively and quickly fighting against aging.

Chinese grapefruit

China does not only mean strong economic expansion and industrialization. China is also a very rich soil, capable of producing Chinese grapefruit. This variety of grapefruit is better known, but wrongly, under the name « pomelo ». His real name is Citrus Maxima. It is different from pink grapefruit and has a yellowish green rind.

The virtues of Chinese grapefruit to fight against aging come from its very low calorie composition like the Don’t Miss detail. It is also very high in vitamin C and has a low sugar content. It provides the body with fiber, potassium and vitamin B3 or PP. Peel it raw and keep its pulp that you can pass on the face or on the skin.

The almonds

Almonds are a concentrate of nutrients. They are therefore recommended in the fight against aging. Almonds are rich in minerals, vitamin E, fatty acids and magnesium. They act as an appetite suppressant and are a very good alternative to snacking. In addition to this very beneficial nutritional contribution to the body, almonds do not fail to provide polysterols and carbohydrates in remarkable quantities. On the skin, almond oil promotes elasticity precisely because of the vitamin E it contains. It also heals it.

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This delicious fruit is eaten at any time of the year. Pineapple is your ally against aging cells and skin. It contains beta-carotene and vitamin C. These two elements neutralize free radicals and even prevent against certain chronic diseases and against cancer.

The banana

Free radicals are among the elements that contribute to the rapid aging of the skin. By consuming bananas, these are eliminated by the vitamins in the fruit. It is indeed vitamin A and vitamins B and E. Manganese and the antioxidants with which bananas are provided also play the perfect role of natural anti-wrinkles. For example, you can concoct a banana-based facial mask to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

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